Vulog welcomes Rocky Wang as new VP Business Development China

Before joining Vulog, Rocky worked in the automotive industry for more than 15 years, mainly for Bosch and Continental, where he helped customers in China expand their product portfolios and build robust quality projects focused on better end-user experience.


Q: What drew you to Vulog?

A: Vulog is a global leader in the carsharing space. Over the past 16 years, Vulog’s global footprint and expertise have reached the EU, NAFTA, Australia, and New Zealand. It’s an honor to work as a bridge between the stakeholders in China and Vulog – to continue to grow carsharing in China and build a greener future in the country.

Q: Tell us your first Impressions of the company?

A: Vulog’s headquarters are located in the lovely city of Nice, France. The team is as warm-hearted as the sunshine in Nice! I am thrilled to join this company.

Q: Other than automotive and mobility, what are your other interests?

A: Like most people, I aim to keep a balance between work and personal time. My private project; raising my eight-year-old daughter, Elaine, with my wife.

Q: What is your favorite form of shared mobility?

A: In my personal point of view, P2P (Peer-to-peer) is a terrific form. It is friendly to the environment and it helps people connect with each other.

Q: Answer this question: The future of mobility is _______________.

A: Not only a project related to the automotive industry but also an essential part of smart cities. Everyone contributes to it and everyone benefits from it.


Alex Thibault Announces Vulog’s Q4 Expansion Plans at Automobility LA 2018

Watch Alex Thibault announce Vulog’s year-end success at Automobility LA. Vulog launched six new American, Chinese, and European carsharing projects in Q4. Over the last year, Vulog has launched projects with 12 shared mobility operations, bringing its technology to 25 total cities across five continents and powering over 15 million carsharing trips.

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[] Vulog Shares Q4 Carsharing Expansion Plans

Vulog, a leading mobility platform provider, announced a significant year-end success with six new American, Chinese, and European carsharing projects launched in Q4. Over the last year, Vulog has launched projects with 12 shared mobility operations, bringing its technology to 25 total cities across five continents and powering over 15 million carsharing trips.

On the heels of these launches, the company forecasts that its technology will power 25 million trips globally in 2019.

“The expansion of our business has accelerated compared to 2017, as we reach close to 100% growth year over year,” Grégory Ducongé, CEO of Vulog, said in a statement. “We look forward to continuing to strengthen development in North America and China in 2019.”

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Meet Vulog at the Smart City Expo World Congress

Are you heading to the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona?  We’ll see you there!

Make sure to meet our Marketing & Communication Director, Alexandra Lougovoy! She will be attending the event November 13-15th and ready to discuss your mobility project and the future of the mobility industry!

Connect with Alexandra now:
LinkedIn: Alexandra Lougovoy



Join us at Autopros 2018 in Shanghai!

Come see us at the Autopros 2018 Future Mobility Innovation Conference, November 28-29th  at the Crowne Plaza in Shanghai, China!

Our Paris-based International Business Development Manager, Maria Sorokina will be packing her bags and heading east to join our China Team for the event! She will be discussing the Mobility Revolution on the Panel: The forecast of mobility ecosphere in 2030 on November 28th. Check out a description of the panel below!

November 28th | 9:10 am | Mobility Revolution
Panel: The forecast of mobility ecosphere in 2030

OEMs are transforming into mobility service providers; mergers and integrations are happening on an almost daily occurrence; a seemingly exponential amount of new technology is being launched; new forces are entering into the market; Self-owned brands are expanding … Currently, policies are not clear and enterprises from different industries are entering into mobility industry – this leads to the uncertainties and challenges of the industry. If we can foresee the 2030 market in advance, could we better cope with strong competition? Who will be washed out by the times and who will rise to the top of the industry? If we could learn the successful strategy of the future now, can we become the final victors?


[] Carsharing is Getting Big – and Vulog is Ready

“Over the next 12 months, carsharing will experience extraordinary growth. “We’re past the experimental phase. Large players are getting involved,” says Grégory Ducongé, CEO of Vulog – a company that is seeing its own fortunes rise with the tide.”

Vulog is to carsharing what Intel is to computing: its name may not be on the product, but it is essential for its success. And like microchip manufacturer Intel, Vulog is the global leader in its market: providing the digital infrastructure on which countless carsharing services run.

Following its capital injection last year, an expansion into North America and a recent high-profile addition to its Board of Directors, the Nice-based company is poised to maximize its benefit from the coming boom in carsharing.

“We’re noticing a lot of leads coming from the U.S. and strong interest from the car manufacturers. Neither was the case 12 months ago,” says Mr. Ducongé (pictured).

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Emov Carshare Gains 200,000+ Users in Less Than Two Years

Congratulation to PSA’s Emov carsharing service in Madrid! The bold service has surpassed 200,000 users less than two years after its launch. Emov has also reached other benchmarks including 17 million km traveled by its users and saved 1,690 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Madrid’s investment in technology and demand for a more clean and sustainable city has led it to become a major hub for global mobility and exemplary for other major capitals on an international level. Earlier this month, the city announced its new ‘Madrid Central’ policy which will effectively ban all conventional cars from driving in the city center. We expect to see carsharing and shared mobility operators receive an increase in registrations when the new legislation goes into effect.

Vulog partners with OEMs, car rental companies, start-ups, insurance providers, and more to power leading carsharing and scootersharing services all over the world.  We believe in a smart and green future, a future with fewer vehicles, a future with low pollution cars, a future where shared mobility is the norm.  Our mobility platform – and the operators that utilize it – are directly contributing to the improvement in the quality of the air we breathe and decreased congestion on city streets.


Stockholm’s First Electric Carshare is Powered by Vulog!

Stockholm’s first electric carshare has officially launched! Aimo’s all-electric fleet of 300 free-floating Renault Zoes is hitting the streets and providing a new, clean transportation option for the people of Stockholm – one of the world’s most digitally developed and environmentally conscious cities. Aimo’s electric vehicles feature a best in class range per charge of 200-300 km.

The company plans to expand into a more comprehensive mobility service and grow globally in the near future. Aimo’s objective is to offer customers the kind of transport that suits them best at the moment – whether it is a short or long drive, a bike ride, public transport or electric scooter.

Powering innovative shared mobility services and connecting cities – at Vulog, it’s what we do. We provide the tech required to successfully deploy Aimo’s EV fleet and other bold carsharing and scootersharing services. Our open platform offers a customizable end-to-end turnkey solution and sophisticated technical integration. Currently, carsharing users unlock a Vulog powered shared-vehicle every 2 seconds. Our solutions make up the technological heart of many mobility services around the world.

aimo_yellow charging

Vulog-powered Free2Move Launches in Washington DC

Following its recent deployment in Wuhan, China, PSA’s  Free2Move has officially launched in Washington DC making it the newest carsharing service in the US capital! The fleet will initially consist of 600 vehicles (Chevrolet models: the Cruze and the Equinox) deployed on a free-floating basis.

We are proud that our technology powers Free2Move in both Washington and Wuhan. Vulog is continuing to shape the future of mobility by powering innovative services all around the world. Currently, carsharing and scootersharing users unlock a Vulog powered vehicle every 2 seconds.

free2move Washington DC

Former Groupe Renault COO Patrick Pélata Joins Vulog Board of Directors

We’re delighted to announce that Patrick Pélata, former COO of Groupe Renault and Executive Vice President – Chief Automotive Executive at, is officially the newest member of the Vulog board of directors. Patrick’s arrival comes at a time of accelerated growth, in a booming vehicle sharing market where many major OEMs are partnering with us to power their new mobility initiatives.

“Vulog is a key player in the automotive tech ecosystem and a global leader in carsharing technology, boasting tremendous accomplishments across Europe, North America, and Asia,“ said Pélata. “I am excited for the opportunity to contribute to the company’s evolution, as we see Vulog’s technology rapidly deployed across the world’s greatest cities and prepare for the eventual transition to the autonomous shared vehicle.“

“We are both proud and thrilled to welcome Patrick Pélata to Vulog’s board, “ said Vulog’s CEO, Gregory Ducongé.  “His exceptional experience in the automotive and technology industries, combined with his strategic vision of the future of the automotive sector, will be invaluable assets in our next phases of development. He immediately connected with Vulog’s mission, mostly because of his unwavering commitment to the development of new mobility.“

In addition to his new role on our board, Patrick Pélata was recently entrusted by French President Emmanuel Macron to lead a public mission on new mobility concepts with electric and autonomous vehicles. Alongside Xavier Mosquet, a partner at BCG and former advisor to the Obama administration, Pélata is preparing a list of proposals to position France as a global leader in new mobility.

Welcome on board, Patrick!