Poppy Mobility Launches Scootersharing Fleet

With more than 1 million kilometers driven and more than 16,000 registered carsharing users – in just 8 months – Poppy Mobility has changed the way people get around Antwerp, and now they’re doing it again!

We’re thrilled to announce an exciting innovation from our client Lab Box and their shared mobility service Poppy Mobility!

Poppy just launched a fleet of scooters to enhance their existing Volkswagen carsharing operation, bringing their vehicle total close to 400 in Antwerp. This is Belgium’s first multi-modal sharing platform, allowing users to choose between a scooter or car on the same app based on their trip requirements.

Lab Box is now taking advantage of the Vulog platform’s multi-modal capabilities, which enables a variety of vehicle types to be offered simultaneously – whether it be scooters, E-bikes, mopeds, cars, vans, or trucks. As consumers increasingly demand a range of mobility experiences, growing operators will inevitably need to cater to additional use cases. Becoming a multi-modal operator is a part of this evolution and Vulog is proud to power innovative services like Poppy.

Congratulations again to the Lab Box team!

Poppy Scooters