A talk with Vulog CTO François Colon at CES 2019

Find out our CTO's exclusive experience at the CES 2019 event!




Las Vegas, United States


Shared Mobility, Technology


Innovation was definitely in the air at CES 2019! This inspired us to catch up with Vulog CTO, François Colon, to discuss the new and exciting projects happening at Vulog.

LAS VEGAS. January 15, 2019 Before joining our team, François created one of the world’s first search engines, Eureka.fr, where he served as CTO. François also helped create Miyowa, a company specializing in instant messaging technology developed for cell phones.

What are the exciting innovative projects Vulog is working on for 2019?

Definitely on the enhancements of our platform AiMA: scalability, velocity, new features. AiMA is very successful amongst shared mobility service operators as it provides all the essential components to run a service while leaving the possibility to develop any feature on top. It enables them to deploy the next generation of shared mobility services with best-in-class user experience and intelligent fleet management systems which are fueled with big data, machine learning, and specific algorithms.

With AiMA we see them reach profitability in a few months as they become much more reactive and creative for their end-users.

We are also keeping the lead on autonomous vehicle fleet management working on various dedicated projects: AV shared pilot, patents, and AV technology platform partners.

You’re at #CES2019: any innovations that caught your eye in particular?

From in-vehicle entertainment to security solutions, I am amazed to see the number of hardware and software providers that have emerged to operate autonomous mobility. This has become a very serious international game! As a cinema fan, I was also very impressed by the foldable screens unveiled here, I want the same for my villa in Provence!

Vulog is the world’s leading tech mobility provider: we are committed to building a greener future, one city at a time.

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