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How Emov gained 50,000 registered members in three weeks

Find out how free-floating carsharing is gaining momentum in cities like Madrid.
Discover emov’s incredible first month of service and their 50,000 registered members in a short period of time.

MADRID. January 13, 2017 Since the launch on December 19th, more than 50k people have registered with demand peaking at 6,000 users during the day – representing more than 10 trips a day per car.

Vulog is glad to share in the success of its customer emov in Madrid

The entirely app-based customer experience, among other competitive advantages, contributes to its incredible success in the promising Spanish market. Over the past three weeks the 500 Citroen C-Zeros have traveled more than 205,000 kilometers through the streets of Madrid, averaging 20 minutes per trip.

This success demonstrates the increasing popularity of free-floating carsharing worldwide. The convenience of free-floating allows for quick adoption and uptake of a new service. Studies show that by 2021 there should be at least 35 million carsharing users globally.

emov is a Spanish company based in Madrid created from the strategic alliance between Eysa and Free2Move, the new brand of mobility services by PSA Groupe.




Madrid, Spain


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