Mobility Expert Joins Vulog: Managing Director for North America – Monica Wejman

Monica Wejman joins Vulog after 15 years of experience tech and mobility!




Toronto, Canada


Toronto, Canada


Vulog, the world’s leading platform for shared mobility services, welcomes a new Managing Director for North America, bringing her fresh and innovative ideas regarding shared mobility with her.

TORONTO. February 1, 2021 Monica spent over 4 years at Zipcar launching and growing markets in the Great Lakes Region of the United States. Most recently she was overseeing North America’s 2nd largest bike share system, Bike Share Toronto, where she expanded the system by 70% and delivered record-breaking ridership and revenue month after month for her full tenure. She is passionate about shared mobility and is enthusiastic about working with partners to create integrated, on-demand, and sustainable mobility services in North America.

Hi Monica! You’ve just joined Vulog as Managing Director for North America. Can you introduce yourself and share your vision of your role here and how it relates to your experience in the mobility industry?

I am a high-energy business leader with 15 years of experience and a passion for sustainable mobility options that are accessible and give people the freedom to move as they need. My first role in the mobility space was with Zipcar and during the course of my 4+ years with the company I grew my position to oversee all business operations across Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin & Minnesota – the Great Lakes Region of the US. My proudest accomplishment with Zipcar was launching carsharing in Detroit, Motor City – where car ownership was the predominant way of life! My most recent role was General Manager of Bike Share Toronto, one of the largest bike share systems in North America with close to 7,000 bikes and 625 stations across 200 square kilometers of the city.

From my experience on the operator’s side of mobility programs, I understand the importance of having a software solution that is turnkey, can integrate the full scope of a shared mobility ecosystem and provides exceptional client support. I believe that Vulog plays an incredibly important role in empowering shared mobility programs and provides an industry-leading solution that removes a barrier to entry in the shared mobility space.

This is an exciting time for shared mobility and Vulog as the technology solution leader in the mobility space, as we are in the early stages of a clean energy revolution. Shared mobility will be playing a huge role in the clean energy revolution as it helps to solve environmental, health, and congestion issues that each city faces. I’m very eager to continue building on the solid foundation that Alex Thibault and Kristopher Luey have established in the North American market during this pivotal time where sustainability is being prioritized. I’m keen to support our present and future clients on their path to delivering integrated, personalized, and environmentally friendly travel on demand.

What drew you to Vulog?

I love the shared mobility space. Personally, I live a vehicle-free lifestyle so I have relied on shared mobility options for a large part of my life. Moving people and goods from point A to point B has become the sector where a lot of disruption is happening and will continue to happen as the clean energy revolution progresses and tech innovations like electrification & autonomy are fully integrated. In 5 years the mobility space will look very different than it does at the present moment and Vulog will be able to support the needs of shared mobility programs as they evolve. What excites me about Vulog is that the product can power any shared mobility program and can integrate various use cases into one single platform with one turnkey solution. Vulog streamlines the user experience for both Vulog clients and customers using a shared mobility service.

How do you see the mobility market evolve in North America in the next few months… and years?

Comfort, on-demand flexibility, and being environmentally friendly are going to be the continuing trends for the shared mobility market in North America. Ultimately shared mobility providers will have the ability to transform cities by improving accessibility to transportation options, offering the multimodal capacity to diversify trip types and use cases, and reducing the need for personal vehicle ownership. We have a new administration that is spearheading a clean energy and sustainability revolution and that will have a huge impact on the shared mobility market.

We really have to look at the shared mobility ecosystem as encompassing all forms of mobility – integration is key as the end-user will want a one-stop shop for their shared mobility needs. Our core services such as public transit and traditional car rental will remain but there is incredible potential for innovative services such as carsharing, bike sharing, microtransit, and P2P.

Ultimately the shared mobility space is going to boom in the coming years in North America due to congestion and environmental issues that major cities need to solve, and administration pivot that will focus on clean energy and sustainability, and our continued demand for flexible and commitment-free transportation options.

Tell us about your favorite sports/activities and how your practice impacts your life.

Being active has been a large part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a teenager, I swam on the Canadian National team and competed in the 2000 Olympic Trials, which I truly credit with instilling a competitive and driven spirit in my day today. Presently running and yoga are my favorite daily activities. In 2018 I ran my first half marathon in Honolulu and placed 19th out of 600 women! That was a very cool experience! This year my goal is to introduce meditation into my daily routine and so far it has been going well!

What are you excited about for your next first days at Vulog?

Meeting the team members that have made Vulog the industry-leading technology solution for shared mobility services and using my experience successfully scaling mobility programs to support our clients on their mission to bring shared mobility to the forefront of the transportation ecosystem.

Vulog, is the world’s leading tech mobility provider: we are committed to building a greener future, one city at a time. 


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