Scott Kubly, Cabana founder and CEO, selects Vulog to provide the software behind its fleet of luxe campervans, merging vanlife with boutique hotel comfort to create a one-of-a-kind offer.



[SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, JUNE 30TH, 2020] Vulog, the leading shared mobility technology provider, announced that it is partnering with Cabana, a Seattle-based travel-tech startup, to provide the software behind the company’s customized fleet of comfortably-equipped campervans.  


Former Lime executive Scott Kubly launched Cabana in 2019 in Seattle and plans to expand into new markets by the end of this year. This new venture is poised to become the next big travel trend and is reinventing how people travel by combining the convenience of car-sharing with the best of boutique hotel amenities. 


The tech-enabled app and operational functionality of Cabana is powered through Vulog’s in-vehicle telematics, operations platform, and customer-facing mobile application, providing a seamless on-demand luxe campervan service for truly serendipitous travel. 


“Cabana is one of those mobility services that truly excites the market as it steps beyond the typical RV rental offering to present an experience that is fresh and new,” says Vulog CEO Gregory Duconge. “Our partnership with Cabana exemplifies the adaptability and reliability of Vulog’s shared mobility technology, as well as the expertise of our team.” 


Although COVID-19 instituted a range of travel restrictions and changed the hotel industry’s landscape, people are still itching to get out and explore, but want the ability to practice social distancing. Cabana’s campervans give consumers this peace of mind while traveling with the full journey accessible through the app, enabling customers to find, book, and unlock their luxe mobile hotel for a weekend getaway. 


“Our tech-enabled platform provides a modern travel option that the RV rental industry hasn’t really offered before,” says Scott Kubly, Cabana CEO and mobility expert. “After an extensive review of the existing shared mobility technology providers, we were happy to select Vulog as our partner for this adventure to provide the power behind our customer-facing application via its white label technology.” 


Cabana is the most recent addition to Vulog-powered shared mobility services in the United States, joining groups such as Mocean Carsharing in Los Angeles and Free2Move in Washington D.C. Cabana plans to expand over the next year into targeted markets like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, San Diego, and more.



About Cabana


Scott Kubly, former Lime executive, and Seattle transportation official, established Cabana in 2019 to bring people a more convenient travel option that combines both transport and luxe accommodation. Since the company’s founding, Scott has worked with a small team in downtown Seattle to maintain Cabana operations and build-out its fleet of “mobile hotels.”


Cabana opens up the flexibility of travel plans so that travelers can book once and go anywhere. The company has built out a fleet of upscale custom-made mobile hotel rooms, using 2019 Ford Transit vans, to give travelers the freedom to travel and sleep where they want and when they want. Every element, from the bed to the storage, to the bathroom to the internet, is designed from the ground up for a tailored and premium experience. Simplified lodging often translates to lower quality, but Cabana has taken the luxurious amenities of a thoughtfully designed suite and outfitted it for a small space.


Enabled through tech, Cabana brings travelers digital convenience and peace of mind through contact-free check-in. The app lets travelers reserve, check-in, pick-up, and check-out of their mobile hotel room without having to make a pit stop to the front desk.


Whether a seasoned weekend camper or a first-time leisure renter, Cabana lets you indulge in van life for a unique adventure like never before.


For more information, visit, or check out the company on Instagram @cabanavans


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