How Shared Mobility Operators are getting Americans to the 2020 Election

How do you plan on getting to the polls? Check out our list of creative, sustainable, and budget-friendly mobility options!


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All of America waits to see who will be elected President for the United States, but citizens need to physically get to the polls in order to vote.

WASHINGTON. November 2, 2020 On November 3rd, 2020, the United States will have its 59th presidential election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump to decide who will occupy the White House for the next four years. Did you know, however, that transportation problems were cited as the reason why more than 4.5 million Americans didn’t vote?!

Mobility service providers want to change that statistic in 2020! To help Americans avoid the transportation barriers from 2016, this year many mobility operators are offering discounts or even free rides to the polls on election day. Companies like Bird, Lime, or even Uber, are encouraging their riders to go vote using one of their services.

Wondering how you can benefit from this movement? We’ve got you covered. Here is a list of some mobility operators that will help you roll to the polls on election day!


One of the most known mobility operators around the world announced it is dedicated to helping Americans go vote on November 3rd. The company is offering an in-app poll-finding feature and 50% off roundtrip rides to and from the polls (up to $7 each trip), or up to $14 for the two trips. It also applies to bikes and scooters!


Voting access is part of Lyft’s new initiative “LiftUp”. This election year, for the first time, Lyft is providing voters with free and discounted rides to the polls throughout the entire primary calendar and the general election – a significant expansion from its 2018 program.


Partnering with “When We All Vote”, Lime is also providing free rides to and from the polls on election day in an effort to reduce transportation barriers such as cost, lack of car ownership, and COVID-19-related concerns in cities throughout the country. Riders will be able to use the promotional code LIMETOPOLLS2020 to receive two free rides up to 30 minutes across all vehicles in the Lime app, including JUMP bikes.


The American micromobility unicorn is also part of this movement, partnering with the North American Bikeshare Association’s (NABSA) initiative – Roll to the Polls! Simply enter the code VOTE2020 on election day to receive a free Bird ride for up to 30 minutes.


On November 3rd, Spin is offering $10 in ride credits using the code SPINTOVOTE in all the cities and campuses where they currently operate. Riders can use credit to go to and from their polling locations on election day.

In addition, riders will also be able to see their nearest polling station in the Spin app. Spin is also refocusing fleet deployments to help boost voter turnout. This includes but is not limited to deploying at closed polling places, transit stops, and neighborhoods that don’t have access to public transportation.


On November 3, riders will receive 1 hour of free ride time in order to access their polling location. Users can access the free pass on the Transit app or at any of the MoGo kiosks.


Hertz recently announced the launch of their “Drive the Vote” campaign! Any customer who rents a car starting on November 2 for two or more days will get a free day on the rental from the company’s neighborhood locations, according to the Hertz website.

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