Useful Tips on Carsharing with WiBLE Madrid’s CEO

Find out how one shared mobility CEO is changing the mobility landscape in Spain's capital.




Madrid, Spain


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Spain’s capital is currently experiencing a change in terms of mobility, all thanks to the CEO of WiBLE, a free-floating carsharing company that has launched in Madrid.

MADRID. June 8, 2020 We had the pleasure to meet with Carlos Blanco, CEO of WiBLE Madrid, the free-floating carsharing company owned by Repsol and KIA that operates in Madrid with 500 vehicles that can be rented through your smartphone. Prior to WiBLE, Carlos Blanco has developed his career in the mobility field, being the Marketing and Communication Director of Emov (Groupe PSA) for Spain and Portugal.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and WiBLE?

My name is Carlos Blanco, and I am the CEO of Wible, a carsharing company here in Madrid. We provide a free-floating carsharing service in Madrid with more than 500 PHEV cars. We launched in 2018, and currently, we have more than 160,000 customers.

What motivated you to launch your service? 

To launch a service here in Madrid, there are three key factors. First, the local laws that allow us to launch the service, second, the support of the city council, which is a strategic benefit for us, and finally, the habits of the local population here in Madrid because they are engaged with the carsharing service and use it very frequently. People are used to using their cars multiple times per day. Carsharing services offered them another possibility to use the car more efficiently.

Why partner with a tech provider when launching a carsharing service? 

Time-to-market was essential for us when we decided to launch a carsharing service in Madrid. In addition to this-

A technology partner like Vulog was vital in helping us arrive on the market quickly with confidence in our services.

Carlos Blanco


Why did Vulog stand out from competitors?

For me, Vulog stood out from competitors due to its market knowledge. They have years of experience all over the world, powering many projects in different countries. Their expertise helped us to better understand our opportunities and how we can approach the market with the right set of features and ultimately improve our services.

What are you most proud of achieving at WiBLE? 

For me, the most important figure is the customer satisfaction rate. When we launched our customer service every month, we measure this specific rate. Customers currently say that their satisfaction is more than 8.4.

Why do you like working with Vulog?

What I appreciate when working with Vulog is their market expertise, they have a lot of projects running all over the world, and their insights help us to detect key opportunities to reach the market via new features in our application.

What are the next steps for WiBLE? 

The most important feature that we will launch in 2020 is the corporate account. We have been working with Vulog to develop this feature. In the coming months, we will be able to deliver this functionality to our market. I am confident that this will be a true success in the future because we have the perfect car for this use case. Corporate accounts are a strategic measure that we have taken to amplify our offer here in Madrid.

Vulog, the world’s leading mobility tech provider, is proud to power WiBLE, one of Spain’s leading mobility operators. Already at more than 220,000 users and more than 2 million trips thanks to its zero-emissions fleet, WiBLE is constantly finding the best possible solutions to offer more flexible and green mobility options. 

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