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Vulog’s Tech Talks gives you exclusive insights into what drives our tech and mobility experts at the world’s leading shared mobility tech provider.

NICE. March 11, 2022 Welcome to our “Tech Talks with Vulog’s Tech Experts” interview series! Here we delve into the personal insights of our very own Tech Experts, where they talk about their journeys working in the tech and mobility industry. Are you ready to get inspired?

Introducing our Tech Expert

Introducing Emna Hamouda, Customer Success Manager at Vulog, the ultimate communicator who works directly with customers to ensure they get everything they need to achieve their goals. Emna is essentially the leading lady to whom customers can go for any question they may have. She is always on the ball for anticipating their needs, thinking ahead of time before the customer actually faces the issue. So let’s go to know Emna and find out how she effortlessly connects with customers from all over the world!

Where did you study?

E: I was born and raised in Tunisia, so I completed my schooling there. I then moved to Nice, France, to finish my studies in Computer Engineering at Polytech Nice in Sophia Antipolis.

What are some examples of your previous work experience?

E: I initially started my career as a Java developer at Air France in 2012, where I discovered that I much prefer working directly with customers than developing. This ultimately influenced me to join Vodafone as a customer-facing in Service and Operations department in 2016. 2 years later, I was asked by a company in Monaco to join their Project Manager team. As I had already experience managing project development, it was super interesting for me because I had customers from all over the world like Latin America, Asia, and Africa. I thoroughly enjoyed working with diverse cultures, mindsets, and different ways of working. This is how I found myself joining Vulog as a Customer Success Manager in 2019.

What drew you to work in the tech industry?

E: My studies naturally led me to discover my passion for working in the tech industry. I have always been curious about mathematics, computers, and technologies, so I chose computer engineering because I love innovation. I have always been excited about new tech, especially recently, as the technology revolution has really ramped up in the last few years. The world of tech is constantly changing, with different technologies emerging that directly impact our everyday lives. I also chose to work in the tech industry because it enables me to continually develop, adapt and improve my knowledge – I never stop learning!

What inspired you to work at Vulog?

E: Before joining Vulog, I was a frequent user of Auto Bleue and Vélobleu in Nice, which influenced me to want to understand the technology behind shared mobility piqued my interest, and I wanted to learn more. When I had my interview for Vulog, I was so impressed knowing the company was the leading tech provider for shared mobility solutions, aiming for a greener future and providing innovative solutions. I also wanted to work for Vulog because it’s a company that brings people together from all over the world together. Working in an environment where everyone has different cultures and mindsets allows you to learn and contribute to making Vulog a dynamic workplace.

Favorite tech podcast?

E: I love the podcast Back to Work, and I discovered this podcast when I had just returned from maternity leave. I was looking for a podcast that could get me back in the working headspace and teach me a few things or two. The podcast is a talk show that discusses productivity, communication, work barriers, valuable tools, and more. It makes you find yourself thinking about how you can enhance your productivity, and what’s more, you can’t help but laugh hysterically over the hosts’ banter.

What is your favorite project that you have worked on at Vulog? Or a project that you are particularly proud of?

E: Honestly, all of my projects have been my favorite as I manage several customers from all over the world. They all have different business, follow-up, and growth needs, so it is so enjoyable working with such diverse customers. It can be challenging trying to adapt my working methods according to the customer and their challenges. Still, once we find the solution to their problems and achieve such significant milestones together, it is so rewarding to take a step back and be proud of the work we accomplished as a team.

What is your strategy when it comes to keeping customers happy?

E: One word: trust. Being honest and transparent with our customers enhances the relationship in so many ways, and it’s key to building a solid relationship with our customers. I always put myself in the customers’ shoes, listen to their needs, predict what they may need from me, and share new product insights that they might not be aware of yet. I believe the way to keep customers happy is by being proactive and always coming up with new ideas and new strategies, and demonstrating a commitment to purpose and vision.

Where do you see mobility technology heading in the future?

E: Mobility technology is the future of large cities. The younger generation is shifting towards more collective and public mobility solutions and steering away from traditional private vehicle ownership, besides many other factors accelerating the need for shared technology such as using the app for our daily basic needs.

Shared technology allows us to pay as we get around, whenever and wherever we want in a matter of seconds, just with a click of the button.  What’s more-

Using shared technology reduces the number of cars on the road, time spent in traffic, and the costs of getting around.

Emna Hamouda

Customer Success Manager, Vulog

The Tech Industry is Moving: is now your time to dive in?

After hearing Emna’s tech insights, are you interested in learning more about our roles at Vulog? Look no further: check out our Careers page! We are always looking for new innovative thinkers to join our team, whether in France, Germany, or Canada! Vulog is built by an international team hailing from dozens of countries, and that’s a big part of what makes us so unique. And we value diversity because it drives innovation, enriches our own company culture, and helps our business grow!

We love what we do at Vulog and strive to create a great working environment so that, together, we can change the world, one vehicle, and city at a time. Do you want to be a part of the shared mobility revolution?

Vulog is the world’s leading tech mobility provider: we are committed to building a greener future, one city at a time.

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