Vulog and Instant System partner to move MaaS and the mobility experience forward

Announcing the official partnership between Vulog and the leading MaaS provider Instant System.


Vulog & Instant System


Nice, France


Shared Mobility, MaaS, Transport


This collaborative partnership between Vulog and Instant System will help people move more freely and seamlessly and accelerate the MaaS industry more than ever.

NICE. 10 March, 2022 France-based mobility technology provider Vulog and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) provider Instant System have joined forces to fully integrate Vulog-powered shared mobility services at their request in Instant System’s apps. Users will soon be able to search, book, and pay for the use of a shared mobility service without leaving their MaaS application. With this full integration, the two companies are generating a massive shift in how citizens move within their cities. Having a more seamless experience when using a MaaS app has proven to encourage choosing shared mobility and public transportation as a mode of travel over private vehicle ownership.

For public transportation authorities, the partnership between Vulog and Instant System will ensure a faster, optimized technical implementation of the full integration. It will also provide greater data visibility on the Vulog powered shared mobility services, leading to better management of a territory’s transport and mobility network.

We are very proud of this partnership with Instant System, a major innovator in the MaaS technology revolution. Together, we are striving to be the driving force behind public entities in achieving their goal of making MaaS a reality and the norm. This collaboration aims to ease the life of urban city dwellers by making mobility enjoyable, accessible, and sustainable.

Gregory Ducongé

CEO, Vulog

The partnership will cover territories where both Vulog and Instant System operate. Vulog currently operates in 50 cities. Instant System provides its solutions in 80 territories.

Instant System gives access within its apps to all kinds of mobilities, offering users seamless journeys with several modes. Connecting MSPs is key. We are very happy to make a step forward towards MAAS by joining forces with Vulog.

Yann Hervouet

CEO & Founder, Instant System


Founded in 2006 in Nice, France, Vulog is the world leader in shared mobility technologies. Its AiMA platform enables major automotive players (Volkswagen, Kia Motors, Stellantis Group, Toyota, Hyundai) as well as new mobility operators (Repsol, Sumitomo Corporation, British Columbia Automobile Association, Mevo, Joco) to launch and operate shared-vehicle services (cars, mopeds, electric bicycles or scooters) anywhere in the world. Vulog Labs is preparing the future of mobility thanks to an innovation program based on artificial intelligence and data science: predictive demand management, smart-pricing, smart-charging, autonomous fleet management. Vulog also has its own mobility showcase in the Greater Lyon area, Leo&Go. The fleet of 300 free-floating electric and hybrid vehicles serves the people of Lyon and operates as a proving ground for industry-first mobility features. Every second, a shared-vehicle trip starts in the world thanks to Vulog’s technology.

Instant System

With the goal of empowering cities and enabling MaaS, Instant System develops white-label digital solutions such as passenger information, ticketing, and MaaS for transport authorities to meet their city’s daily mobility needs. They currently operate in 80 territories ranging from small cities to entire regions such as Paris, Brussels, and Annecy.

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