Vulog’s Shared Journey with Deputy CEO of Troopy, François Hoehlinger

Discover how shared moped operator Troopy is evolving to meet the challenges and needs of Paris' mobility market




Paris, France


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For this edition of The Shared Journey, we sat down with François Hoehlinger, the Deputy CEO of Troopy to discuss all things to do with moped sharing.

PARIS. January 10, 2023 With François Hoehlinger, we discover how one of Paris’ biggest shared mobility players is evolving to meet the needs of a changing market and a more sustainable future.

You’ve joined Troopy exactly one year ago to take charge of the company’s strategy. Could you officially introduce yourself and your vision for this role?

My name is Francois Hoehlinger, I am 33 years old, and I was recruited by Axel Vilaseca to support him in the expansion of Troopy. I come from a background with a mix of strategy consulting and mobility, helping me structure organizations and tackle major challenges in a pragmatic way.

My role inside the organisation is to bring it to the next level, with a strong focus on the quality of the day-to-day delivery and excellence of the operations. I see this role as a conductor, making sure all the forces are aligned to produce and execute in the most efficient way.

What brought you into the world of shared mobility, particularly moped-sharing?

From my past experience at Flixbus, I had to understand what was micro-mobility including moped-sharing. I then deep-dived those topics by working alongside experts, whether it was inside think tanks like Polis or during workshops as I did with Agence France Presse for their “Livre Blanc de la mobilité” where I spoke about data & entertainment.

Troopy has recently undergone a complete transformation, including changing the company’s brand. Could you share more on this and how it’s going so far?

Troopy’s new identity has now to be identified with electric mobility and the strength of the partnership with Yamaha.

Evolving towards more up-to-date and environmentally friendly mobility was a necessity, and changing our identity was part of the evolution. Since we are proposing a complete cycle (including recycling and reconditioning) that our competitors don’t, our next target is to be identified as a specialist by the key stakeholders.

Could you explain to us the purpose of Troopy and how the service works? And how does it benefit users?

Troopy is a shared e-mobility provider, providing BtoC free-floating offer with two different models L1e & L3e, but also a BtoB & Subscription model, to ensure that we can communicate with a maximum number of users.

Thanks to our strong partnership with Vulog, we can gather all of our services in one app & interface. It benefits the users because we can ensure them a quality service, with exact data & affordable prices.

To commit to your sustainability goals and in advance of the City of Paris’ moped call for tenders, you launched your 100% electric fleet last summer with the Vulog team and Yamaha. Could you tell us more about this?

Answering Paris’ tender was obvious for us since we are one of the city’s major mobility players.

Paris is also a key city when it comes to the future of mobility and experiencing new services. We always had a good relationship with each stakeholder at the Mairie de Paris and we strongly relate to their policy of providing a large portfolio of shared mobility to avoid the use of individual and thermal vehicles.

To answer this tender, the Vulog teams helped us by providing data & features to top-up our game and reach the level of excellence we expected for our new offer.

It’s essential to partner with a tech provider with whom you share the same vision. Therefore, what is it like partnering with Vulog? Especially as Troopy required a robust and adaptable tech solution to meet the service’s specific needs.

We are partners with Vulog from the very beginning and were the first moped operator that Vulog worked with. This implies a really specific and privileged relationship that we want to bring to the next level, by strengthening our core business and our core app but also developing new features and a new interface.

Working with Vulog allows us to test, learn and validate. We particularly appreciate the experienced team and the readiness of all the stakeholders we can interact with. From a standard Yamaha, we co-constructed the future of e-moped by designing a ready-to-share moped.

Are there some key figures and achievements you would like to share with us?

We started with four employees and 150 Yamaha Tricity scooters in 2017. Now in 2023, we have 3,000 Neos L1e scooters in the streets and count around 120 employees. Additionally, 100% of our staff has been trained in CSR & Climate change, and we set up a CSR department with concrete measures, from the headquarters to the warehouse and the workshops, to recycle and recondition.

How do you measure your success?

Success will be the day when we no longer see individuals driving in a car alone and people are not afraid of taking a moped.

What does the future look like for Troopy?

The future looks like a new Everest to climb with a lot of key challenges to address and we are confident to reach our goals thanks to our strong partnership with Vulog.

Vulog, the world’s leading mobility tech provider, is proud to power Troopy, the 125cc three-wheel scooter rental self-service in Paris that allows you to go where you want when you want around Paris and Île-de-France. 

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