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Vulog’s Tech Talks gives you exclusive insights into what drives our tech and mobility experts at the world’s leading shared mobility tech provider.

NICE. April 13, 2022 Welcome to our “Tech Talks with Vulog’s Tech Experts” interview series! Here we delve into the personal insights of our very own Tech Experts, where they talk about their journeys working in the tech and mobility industry. Are you ready to get inspired?

Introducing our Tech Expert

Introducing Omar Bel Khyate, Senior Data & Business Intelligence Analyst at Vulog, who is essentially the man behind all things relating to data and numbers, whether it comes to revenue, customer engagement metrics, or market information. His role heavily involves analyzing and interpreting different data patterns and trends to ultimately improve the company’s business. He’s the guy to go to first when questioning where things are heading within the industry. So, let’s get to know THE expert and get a glimpse of Omar’s incredible ability to manage all things data!

What is your favorite app?

O: Being a data lover myself, my favorite app would, of course, have to be Tableau Desktop – it is a data visualization software that allows you to see and understand data within minutes. It transforms the way data is used to solve problems and I really love it because I can connect to almost any database I want, it can handle an endless amount of data and it is so easy and seamless to use by end-users. Data doesn’t have to be so scary when it’s made accessible!

Fun fact about yourself?

O: Something that not a lot of people know about me, is that I am not just a data guy, but I have a fun and loving daughter who I love spending time with. I am looking forward to when she is old enough to learn about shared mobility, and she too can contribute to improving our future. The work that I do now should hopefully aim to provide a better place to live for my daughter when she is older, so my dream would be for her to also contribute towards improving our future through data and technology – of course, she can do whatever she wants, but I am very excited to teach her all about my world!

Where did you study?

O: I initially studied in Morrocco, where I completed my Bachelor’s in Business Management. Following this, I moved to France to complete my Master’s in Management Science at IAE de Toulon. During this time, I worked for some companies such as AL Omrane and MoneyGram, where I developed tools to understand better and manage their business.

What are some examples of your previous work experience?

O: I didn’t know what data analysis was before as I was heavily focused on finance and business management until I started a 6-month internship with AXA Assistance Paris. This internship allowed me to work with a lot of data, and I created a dashboard tool to enhance the company – essentially like an automatic desktop – which was an improvement to what they had before as they had to insert their data manually. This was a really great opportunity because many international people were around me, so I had the opportunity to speak a lot in English.

I then worked in the real estate space, Nexity Conseil et Transaction, which allowed me to see a major shift in urban planning and the real estate sector. I realized that when changes occur in a city’s structure, that also means how people commute and which vehicles they require to do so changes. I worked as a Business Intelligence Analyst and then as a Business Intelligence Manager after one year and a half.  I was fully immersed in business intelligence, so I quickly learned a lot! I used SAP BO, Power BI, Spotfire – all business intelligence tools – I really was focused on making the company data-driven. This is when I went on to work at Vulog.

What drew you to work in the tech industry?

O: Since a young age, I have always liked working with programming and technology, which is funny since I didn’t actually receive a degree specifically related to technology. But when I was completing my Master’s in finance, this is where I discovered the whole world of data and where I truly fell in love with it.

I find it interesting how data can transform a company for the better, especially when a company has so much data to work with but has no idea how to utilize it fully. This is a massive challenge for companies, but it’s fascinating to see how data combined with technology can solve this problem.

What inspired you to work at Vulog?

O: I was drawn to the fact that Vulog has a huge positive impact on the environment and the company allows me to work with a diversity of people with different backgrounds and ways of thinking. What’s more, the clients themselves are super interesting to work with as they are super international, each of them brings on new and exciting challenges.

What is your favorite project that you have worked on at Vulog? Or a project that you are particularly proud of?

O: I thoroughly enjoy deploying different Business Intelligence (BI) tools because it is truly gratifying to see the results directly impact our clients and improve their business performance. I can monitor the impact of different features accurately developed by our data science team so that our clients can drive their business forward. Our clients’ success is also a success of mine.

What is the top priority for you and your team when prioritizing enhancing performance?

O: I am always focusing on stability and ensuring all the products are performing how they are meant to. Research and development (R&D) is crucial, involving many innovative actions to develop new services products and improve existing ones. With my team, we research each month vigorously to inspire us to think innovatively about new ways that we can help our clients. It is imperative to always be on the ball with new ideas for our clients to allow their shared mobility services to cater to users’ needs efficiently.

Where do you see mobility technology heading in the future?

O: With the rapid ecological transition, every city worldwide is starting to look at mobility differently. Cities are feeling the pressure to take action on reducing the highly detrimental impact of transport, which I believe will continue to advance the world of mobility technology.

I firmly believe that one of the key solutions to reduce the damaging effect of mobility on the environment is implementing a carsharing service in each city.

Omar Bel Khyate

Senior Data and Business Intelligence Analyst, Vulog

It has proven to reduce carbon emissions and congestion drastically. As a result, our cities are greener, quieter, and safer since fewer privately-owned vehicles are clogging up the streets.

The Tech Industry is Moving: is now your time to dive in?

After hearing Omar’s tech insights, are you interested in learning more about our roles at Vulog? Look no further: check out our Careers page! We are always looking for new innovative thinkers to join our team, whether in France, Germany, or Canada! Vulog is built by an international team hailing from dozens of countries, and that’s a big part of what makes us so unique. And we value diversity because it drives innovation, enriches our own company culture, and helps our business grow!

We love what we do at Vulog and strive to create a great working environment so that, together, we can change the world, one vehicle, and one city at a time. Do you want to be a part of the shared mobility revolution?

Vulog is the world’s leading tech mobility provider: we are committed to building a greener future, one city at a time.

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