Our clients

From Vancouver to Copenhagen to Wellington, we are redefining shared mobility. We're thinking globally and acting locally because we understand that every city has its own character. Vulog is proud to have played a part in launching these successful services. Read about some of their achievements below.

Date: Summer 2017

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Projects Metrics

  • 100 Vehicles

The largest one-way carsharing service in Brazil, Urbano announced its pilot launch in July 2017 and will deploy a full launch in late 2017, featuring Smart cars and fully electric BMW i3s.

Date: June 2017

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Projects Metrics

  • 300 Toyota Yaris

Launched in June 2017, Panek Car Share proudly boasts the largest carsharing service in Poland with 300 Toyota Yaris. To promote the service, Panek broke a Guinness World Record on July 9th by driving more than 333 hybrid vehicles at the same time.

Date: December 2016

Location: Madrid, Spain

Projects Metrics

  • 600 Citroen C-Zero
  • 100% EV

Vulog and PSA Group teamed up to launch public carsharing throughout Europe starting with emov in Madrid! 600 Citroen C-Zeros are now ready to use all over Madrid with the emov service.

Date: December 2016

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Projects Metrics

  • Audi A3 Plug-in Hybrids

New Zealand's first electric carshare with plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, Mevo became operational in December 2016. Based in Wellington, Mevo aims to bring climate-positive on-demand mobility to urban New Zealanders.

Date: October 2016

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Projects Metrics

  • 450 cars
  • 100% Electric vehicles
Green Mobility

Environmentally friendly meets urban practicality in Green Mobililty, the entirely electric service about to launch in Copenhagen, Denmark. With their free-floating service, users can take any one of the 450 cars and leave them anywhere they'd like, and to make things even easier, they have integrated parking options for their customers. Guilt-free traveling anytime, anywhere!

Date: March 2015

Location: Greater Vancouver, Canada

Projects Metrics

  • 1250 cars
  • Bike and ski racks

The largest independent free-floating service in North America took Vancouver, Canada, by storm when our client BCAA launched Evo Carshare with 250 Toyota Priuses in March 2015. The demand was so great they had to triple their fleet within a year!

Date: Since 2013

Location: Montreal, Canada

Projects Metrics

  • 650 cars
  • Electric and hybrid cars

The first independent free-floating service in North America runs on Vulog! Communauto's 650 cars are now an essential part of transportation and mobility in Montreal, Canada. Their participation in local carsharing clubs improves their user experience by allowing more options between services.