Vulog Launches Vulog Labs to Unlock the Future of Shared Mobility

Vulog Launches Vulog labs to Unlock the Future of Shared Mobility, Leveraging AI and Open Innovation


[ PARIS, MARCH 5, 2020 — ] A new player enters the shared mobility market every day, with over 550 operators currently servicing 2,000+ cities and investments totaling over $60 billion to date. In short, the shared mobility market is booming. Mobility Service Providers (MSPs) must drive innovation forward in order to continuously improve customer experience and optimize their services.


At Vulog, we believe that the mobility industry has just scratched the surface of possibilities data can unlock in the midst of a transformation that has not been witnessed since the introduction of the car. Indeed, the experience and insights gained over the years, allow us to take a critical step forward in enhancing decision making through AI, enabling a greater diversification of transport options at a scale never before envisioned. As a leader in shared mobility, it is our mission to connect the world’s most forward-thinking mobility actors to reach the next level of cutting-edge, AI-enabled solutions. This motivation is what inspired us to create Vulog Labs.


With Vulog Labs, we are leading the next phase of mobility with the introduction of advanced AI analytics & tools, as well as open-innovation programs with major players in the MaaS ecosystem. Here is a glimpse of what our experts are working on in Vulog Labs:


  • Advanced AI Tools. Maximizing the efficiency of fleet operations, optimizing fleet availability and usage to enhance user experience as well as increase business profitability.
  • Open Innovation Programs. Pilot and deploy solutions that advance the offers of Mobility Service Providers (including smart charging – vehicle to grid -, smart parking, new carsharing-ready vehicles, simulation of autonomous mobility operations).

In order to accomplish its mission, the Vulog Labs’ team of top data scientists and engineers will leverage expertise from a wide range of backgrounds, including clusters of world-renowned partners working jointly with Vulog-powered customers starting this year. Based at our headquarters, the team’s innovations and partnerships will be fueled by the insights and experience gathered from the 30+ large cities around the world where our technology powers more than 20 million shared trips each year.


“It is in our company’s DNA to anticipate future market trends and turn them into reality. This dedication to the advancement of shared mobility has attracted the most innovative partners in the industry as well as the best talents. We are thrilled to break new ground with the launch of Vulog Labs and look forward to sharing its insights for the betterment of the mobility community.”


⁠— Gregory Ducongé, CEO of Vulog    

The future of shared mobility is AI-powered. Vulog Labs unlocks it. 

If you would like to know more or be a part of Vulog Labs’ open innovation ecosystem, please contact us here


About Vulog

Vulog builds the technology solutions that power the most successful shared mobility businesses in the world. It provides smart and flexible SaaS mobility solutions including advanced fleet management tools, consumer facing mobile applications and connected vehicle technology to launch large-scale fleets in three months. Vulog acts as the catalyst enabling large mobility operators as well as innovative startups to focus on sustained growth and profitability.

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