Vulog Announces Ready-made Offer for Shared Micromobility Operators to Launch a Service in under 30 Days

Geared toward shared micromobility operators (mopeds, light electric vehicles, scooters, bikes, etc.), the Ready-Made offer will allow clients to launch their services in under 30 days, faster than ever before.


[PARIS, FRANCE, May 27, 2020] In order to support mobility operators with a fast, agile and cost-efficient solution, Vulog, the world’s leading shared mobility technology provider, announced today the launch of its new “Micromobility Ready-Made” offer. The market leader leveraged its leading technology AiMA and 12 years of expertise to develop a groundbreaking solution that allows for micromobility operators, with fleets of shared light electric vehicles, to arrive on the market in under thirty days, faster than any other offer currently available. 


“Micromobility is an essential part to the way we move within our cities and its importance has only been emphasized by the Covid-19 crisis,” says Vulog CEO Gregory Ducongé, “that is why we at Vulog have worked to perfect a solution that allows operators to get to the market faster and easier than ever before, providing the end-user with a mobility option that is safe, sustainable, and enjoyable when they need it most.” 


The trend towards shared mobility is accelerating in cities around the world post lockdown. Complying to highly upgraded sanitization protocols, mobility services providing on demand access to fleets of shared electric vehicles that now appear not only as a sustainable and cost-efficient transportation option, but also as one of the safest ways to move around cities.  The micromobility spring season peak, new eco-conscious behaviors, and city measures incurred by the Covid-19 crisis, combine to spark a fantastic new start for operators offering shared electric mopeds, scooters, and bikes. 


The creation of this optimized solution not only allows micromobility operators to get on the market in record time in a cost efficient manner, but it also allows for them to scale as they grow more quickly and easily than ever before. With Vulog’s proven track record, operators are able to focus on the performance of their fleets, eventually expanding, going multi-modal, franchising, and more. 


Vulog’s Ready-made solution is able to be implemented in any city worldwide and is vehicle agnostic. With the top manufacturers as partners such as Niu, Okai, Govecs and Segway-Ninebot, in the micromobility space, Vulog’s solution is ideal for those operators who are seeking to provide the best and most successful services in their cities. 


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About Vulog

Vulog builds the technology solutions that power the most successful shared mobility businesses in the world. It provides smart and flexible SaaS mobility solutions including advanced fleet management tools, consumer facing mobile applications and connected vehicle technology to launch large-scale fleets in three months. Vulog acts as the catalyst enabling large mobility operators as well as innovative startups to focus on sustained growth and profitability.

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