Our Shared
Mobility Solution

A comprehensive and customizable SaaS solution.

Our Shared
Mobility Solution

A comprehensive and customizable SaaS solution.

User Experience

A Back Office dedicated to the success of your operation

Building upon the knowledge from our years of experience, we've created a sophisticated and robust operating platform. Our complete solution allows operators to optimize their costs, manage their fleet and accelerate customer acquisition.

Real-Time Fleet Management

Your fleet at a glance, including all the tools to manage your operations (eg. alerts, tickets, CRM).

Data Analytics

What good is data if nothing is done with it? We use data analytics to maximize customer experience and improve how your service operates.

Payment, Billing, Administration

We handle billing processes, payment providers and let you administer your user accounts seamlessly.

Customer Success

From customer service ticketing to driver authorization, we give you the tools make your carsharing operation a success.

Because your cars deserve our technology

Let's face it: In-car technology reliability is a key factor in ensuring the success of your carsharing service. That's why we created robust technology and designed a reliable installation process that complies with today's automotive standards. Or, you can bring your own embedded tech to the table. We can work with that.

On-Board Computer

The latest version of our in-car technology has been designed to specifically operate free-floating services and offer best in class User Experience.

Virtual Key

The on-board computer communicates directly with the app, allowing users to unlock the doors quickly and effortlessly right on their smartphone.

High resolution GPS

Allowing ultra-high definition positioning in towns, this feature is key for free-floating services.

Card & Key Holder

When users need to fill up the cartank or make a stopover, they can easily access the gas card and key fob located in the glove box.

In-Car options

Several options available to make the customer journey more seamless and easy: Home Zone LED, contextual voice prompts, call button.

RFID Reader

Users can also open a car using their membership card or the local Public Transportation Card.

Project management
& Support

We support you every step of the way. Working alongside you during the setup and design of your service and providing continuous support throughout.

  • Service design
  • On-site training
  • 24/7 Support team
  • SLA certified support

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