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Our clients are mobility operators with large vehicle fleet size anywhere in the world.
They include major car manufacturers, car rental companies, car distributors, energy services and insurance companies, as well as start-ups.


Washington DC, USA
Frankfurt, Germany
Madrid, Spain
Lisbon, Portugal
Wuhan, China
PSA’s Free2Move has been operating for several years on 3 continents with carsharing services adding up to 5 cities worldwide in 2020 – and it’s all powered by Vulog technology! With an average of 750 vehicles in each city, Free2Move shared fleets are present in Washington DC, Frankfurt and Wuhan, as well as in Madrid and Lisbon under the brand Emov by Free2Move. The service is now planned to expand to new cities and the fleets will also be integrating rental services in order to offer a one-stop-shop for both carsharing and short term rental.


Greater Vancouver, Canada

With a fleet of 1,500 Toyota Prius Hybrids, Evo Carshare is the largest independent free-floating carsharing service in North America – and it’s powered by Vulog’s carsharing technology. When our client, BCAA launched Evo Carshare with 250 Toyota Priuses in March 2015, it took Vancouver, Canada, by storm. The demand was so great they had to triple their fleet within a year!


Antwerp & Brussels, Belgium

The free-floating, multimodal service launched in January 2018 and runs on Vulog’s carsharing and scootersharing technology! With a fleet of 1,000 EVs including cars, mopeds and kick-scooters, Poppy is revolutionizing mobility in Belgium.


Madrid, Spain

Wible, the Vulog-powered carsharing service in Madrid has hit the streets and is helping to shape mobility in the capital city! A joint venture between Spain’s largest oil producer, Repsol SA and South Korea’s Kia Motors Corp, Wible has a growing fleet of 500 Kia Niro PHEVs. The vehicles are deployed on a free-floating basis, and utilize several of Repsol’s gasoline stations as parking, charging and maintenance zones.

Volkswagen WeShare

Berlin, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Prague, Czech Republic

With an all-electric fleet of 1,500 e-Golf vehicles in Berlin, WeShare by Volkswagen is the world’s largest electric carsharing operation. Shortly after making its debut in the German capital, the service added 500 additional e-up! vehicles and the first units of Volkswagen’s new full-electric ID.3 are to be introduced in mid-2020. 

In January 2020 WeShare announced its plan to expand into 7 further cities in Germany and other European countries in the course of the year. Prague and Hamburg in the spring are to be followed by Paris, Madrid, Budapest, Munich and Milan. In all these cities, WeShare will be offering an all-electric fleet with a total of about 8,400 electric vehicles. In Prague and Budapest, WeShare will operate the fleets together with ŠKODA.

Mocean Carshare

Los Angeles, USA

Starting with Hyundai IONIQ plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, the goal of Mocean Carshare is to quickly transition the fleet to 300 fully electric vehicles. Thanks to this Vulog-powered service, users can quickly and seamlessly locate, book and unlock nearby vehicles with their smartphones. Given LA’s traffic congestion and population density, the city is presenting tremendous opportunities for such a mobility innovation.


Stockholm, Sweden

Aimo’s all-electric fleet of 500 free-floating Renault Zoes and e-scooters is providing a new, clean transportation option for the people of Stockholm – one of the world’s most digitally developed and environmentally conscious cities. Aimo’s electric vehicles feature a best in class range per charge of 200-300 km.

Lev by Getaround

Rotterdam, Netherlands

With its full small and electric vehicles, Lev has hit the streets and is helping to shape the mobility in September 2019. The Lev takes up considerably less space than a car, while it is still enough for 2 persons and a bit of luggage. Lev strives for a livable city with less air pollution, fewer traffic jams, and more greenery. 


Wellington, New Zealand

The carshare to earn the titles; Australasia’s first free-floating carshare AND New Zealand’s first electric carshare is powered by Vulog. Mevo’s fleet of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles became operational in December 2016 and has changed mobility in Wellington for the better! Mevo’s goal is to bring climate-positive on-demand mobility to urban New Zealanders.


Melbourne, Australia

In May 2018, RACV launched a new carshare service in response to the evolving mobility needs of Melbournians. Since then the service has been connecting the city with a new cost-effective and environmentally friendly transport option.


Paris, France

Have you seen the new three-wheeled scooters zooming around Paris? It’s Troopy! In partnership with Chapat Group and technical assistance from Yamaha Motor Europe, our scootersharing technology powers Troopy’s fleet of free-floating 125cc Yamaha Tricity scooters.

MOL Limo

Budapest, Hungary

With around 500 vehicles from various manufacturer (Volkswagen Ups & e-Ups, Kia Picanto, Mercedes CLA, CLA SB & A-Class, and Smart 2 & 4), MOL Limo is the largest free-floating carsharing service in Budapest – and it’s powered by our robust carsharing technology. Since its launch in January 2018, MOL Limo carsharing service has been changing the way the people get around the city!