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  • Free2Move

    Washington, D.C., USA
    Madrid, Spain
    Lisbon, Portugal
    Paris, France
    Portland, OR, USA
    and more cities to come!

    Since 2016 Free2Move has served over a million users in Washington D.C., Madrid, Paris, and Lisbon. Managed by one of the leading European car manufacturers, Groupe PSA, Free2Move offers its users a mix of carsharing services including free floating and short term rental. Their fleet currently consists of over 2,000 top-of-the-line cars such as the Citroën C-Zéro, Peugeot e208, and Ami.

  • WeShare

    Berlin, Germany
    Hamburg, Germany
    and more cities to come!

    WeShare has quickly become the preferred transportation provider for city dwellers since it launched in Berlin in June 2019. Managed by Volkswagen , WeShare, a globally-recognized car manufacturer, is Europe's largest all-electric carsharing service with over 1,500 e-Golf vehicles. WeShare has over 70,000 regular users , who in one year have driven 11,294,316 km saving 1290,96 tons of CO2 . In 2021, WeShare expanded its services to Hamburg with 800 Volkswagen ID.3s.

  • Evo Car Share

    Greater Vancouver, Canada

    With a fleet of 1,750 Toyota Prius Hybrids, Evo Car Share is the largest independent free-floating carsharing service in North America. When Canadian insurance provider BCAA launched the carsharing service 2015, it took Vancouver by storm! Since then, their fleet has more than quadrupled in size. The service has become an integral part of the Vancouver community, hosting a yearly film festival and promoting partnerships with local businesses.

  • Poppy Mobility

    Antwerp & Brussels, Belgium

    Poppy is a free-floating, multimodal, and multicity shared mobility service located in Antwerp and Brussels that launched in 2018. Owned by Belgian market leader in vehicle distribution, D’Ieteren Auto, Poppy Mobility reached 2 million km driven and 232 tons of CO2 saved! With a fleet of 1,000 vehicles including electric cars, mopeds, and scooters and over 65,000 users, Poppy is revolutionizing mobility in Belgium.

  • Vy Bybil

    Oslo, Norway

    Part of the Norwegian national transportation service Vygruppen, Vy Bybil provides 250 electric vehicles for users throughout Oslo. In 2019, 10% of Vy users sold their private cars to opt for a more sustainable mobility option, combining public transit with shared mobility. The service works closely with government representatives to make MaaS a reality in Norway.

  • Aimo

    Stockholm, Sweden

    Aimo’s all-electric multimodal fleet of 300 free-floating Renault Zoes is providing a new, clean transportation option for the people of Stockholm – one of the world’s most digitally developed and environmentally conscious cities. Launched in 2018 by the Japanese conglomerate Sumitomo Corporation, Aimo’s electric vehicles feature a best in class range per charge of 300 km.

  • Lev by Getaround

    Rotterdam, Netherlands

    With its fleet of light electric vehicles, the micromobility service Lev has been roaming around Rotterdam since September 2019. Lev's vehicles occupy considerably less space than a car, leaving more city space for parks and sidewalks. Two people can fit inside these vehicles, which can also be driven without a permit! Lev works closely with the city of Rotterdam to create a liveable city with less air pollution, fewer traffic jams, and more greenery.

  • Wible

    Madrid, Spain

    Wible, the Vulog-powered car sharing service in Madrid, has been shaping mobility in the Spanish capital since 2018. A joint venture between Spain’s largest oil producer, Repsol SA and South Korea’s Kia Motors Corp, Wible has a growing fleet of 500 Kia Niro PHEVs. The vehicles are deployed on a free-floating basis, and use several of Repsol’s gasoline stations as parking, charging and maintenance zones.

  • Cabana

    Seattle, WA, USA
    and more cities to come!

    Launched in Seattle in 2019 by former Lime executive Scott Kubly , Cabana rents out a fleet of upscale custom-made mobile hotel rooms, using Ford Transit vans , to give travelers the freedom to travel and sleep where they want and when they want. Enabled through Vulog's tech, Cabana brings travelers digital convenience and peace of mind through contact-free check-in . The app lets travelers reserve, check-in, pick-up, and check-out of their mobile hotel room without having to make a pit stop to the front desk.

  • Troopy

    Paris, France

    Have you seen the new three-wheeled scooters zooming around Paris? It’s Troopy! In partnership with car distribution company Chapat Group and Yamaha Motor Europe, our micromobility technology powers Troopy’s free-floating fleet of 250 125cc Yamaha Tricity scooters. Troopy recently expanded their operational zone and now covers Paris and 12 surrounding cities.

  • JOCO

    New York City, NY, USA

    JOCO is NYC’s most innovative micromobility company to hit the Big Apple. Launched in the spring of 2021, the company has a fleet of premium shared e-bikes with 30 stations across Manhattan and plans to grow to more than 100 stations across New York by June 2021. Unlike traditional micromobility services, JOCO is the first shared operator to launch with a network of stations on private property and out of the public right-of-way. The stations are located in office buildings, hotels, apartment buildings, and more, bringing mobility amenities to employers, property owners, and local businesses in the process.

A word from Poppy Mobility

We migrated to Vulog’s AiMA platform to offer cars, mopeds and scooters within the same app. Now our users can access 500 cars, 400 mopeds and 300 scooters within one seamless, comprehensive, and easy-to-use service.
Laetitia Gutierrez Martinez


A word from Vy Bybil

I greatly appreciated Vulog's professional way of managing our recent migration to AiMA — all of the hard work that has gone into it as well as the timelines that have been met. We have had some straight talking, robust project management, and good communication along the way, so it has been a great cooperation.
Espen Dyb Løvold


A word from Free2Move Iberia

What we especially value when working with Vulog is their 24/7 dedicated service team and of course their quest to move forward and constantly improve their products and services with new releases every month.
Ignacio Roman


A word from MOL Limo

Since MOL Limo launched customers' reaction has been great and even exceeded our expectations. The numbers speak for themselves: we’ve had over 40,000 registrations and reached 5 million minutes traveled. Every day, around 1,500 people use our carsharing service, which we consider a huge success.
Richárd Sáreczky

Managing Director

A word from Troopy

Troopy switched to the Vulog’s AiMA platform, which greatly benefited our strategic plans. We were able to expand the Troopy zone and saw user trips multiply by 5. More recently, we expanded the service and now cover 12 cities. Today, 97% of our active users love Troopy and recommend our app, making Troopy a tried and trusted service.
Julie Jane Pizarro

Chief Strategy Officer

Customer Success & Support

Our project team has an excellent track record with 35+ live services and our technical support is rated 4.8/5 by our clients.

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