Integrate with the IoT of any OEM

Vulog's technology is built so that you can easily manage your fleet by connecting with OEM Clouds.

Connect any 3rd party IoT to our AiMA platform

Choose to work with our own IoT or with any other telematics.

Increase your fleet capabilities thanks to our partnership ecosystem

We work with innovative companies to develop groundbreaking solutions to complete your service.

Partner News

Go the Extra Mile with AiMA!

One Platform. Endless Possibilities.

Unlock the potential of your mobility service with our unparalleled partnership network!

The eBike Revolution

Vulog and Zoov team up to accelerate the development of multimodal mobility services

Two French mobility industry innovators will integrate their technologies to provide operators with top-of-the-line electric bikes.

Vulog x Citymapper

The Ultimate Mobility-as-a-Service Application

Combining shared mobility services with public transportation provides the most sustainable Mobility-as-a-Service App yet to the "last mile challenge".

Partner with us and develop innovative services for the market

With these partnership initiatives we aim to facilitate the continuous growth of our clients’ businesses.

If you’re providing an innovative product or a disruptive technology that can be applied to shared mobility, contact us.

There’s no limit to what we can build together!

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