29 July 2020

The Shared Journey: Why Norwegians are ditching their private vehicles for Vy carsharing

For this edition of The Shared Journey, we sat down with Espen Dyb Løvold the CEO of Vy, a Vulog-powered all-electric carsharing service that is part of the Norwegian national…
23 July 2020

The eBike Revolution: Vulog and Zoov team up to accelerate the development of multimodal mobility services 

The two French mobility industry innovators will integrate their technologies to provide operators with top-of-the-line electric bikes and facilitate the deployment of multimodal mobility services. [PARIS, FRANCE, JULY 23, 2020]…
30 June 2020

Say Hello to the Future of Travel: Vulog Provides Tech to Power Cabana’s Fleet of Luxe Mobile Hotels

Scott Kubly, Cabana founder and CEO, selects Vulog to provide the software behind its fleet of luxe campervans, merging vanlife with boutique hotel comfort to create a one-of-a-kind offer. FOR…
28 May 2020

Vulog Announces Ready-made Offer for Shared Micromobility Operators to Launch a Service in under 30 Days

Geared toward shared micromobility operators (mopeds, light electric vehicles, scooters, bikes, etc.), the Ready-Made offer will allow clients to launch their services in under 30 days, faster than ever before.…
5 May 2020

WiBLE Madrid: Learning from the leading shared mobility experts

We had the pleasure to meet with Carlos Blanco, CEO of WiBLE, the free-floating carsharing company owned by Repsol and KIA that operates in Madrid with 500 vehicles that can…
28 April 2020

Cities on The Move: Los Angeles at The Frontline of Sustainable Mobility Innovation

Vulog sat down with Los Angeles' Deputy Mayor of Economic Opportunity, William Chun, to discuss the thriving shared mobility ecosystem in LA, sustainable transportation in 2020, as well as Mayor…
22 April 2020

Corporate Sustainability Stories: Driving Sustainable Mobility at IKEA with Angela Hultberg

In our new series "Corporate Sustainability Stories" we share sustainable mobility initiatives being taken by influential corporate players in their effort to contribute to a healthier, greener planet. Our first…
9 April 2020

Mobility Operators In Action

While the majority of us are required to stay at home, moving in cities remains more important than ever for health care personnel, patients, medical device transporters, etc. Mobility operators…