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For shared mobility operators, the beating heart of their operations is the software platform. This digital nexus powers their service and holds the key to a wealth of essential information including customer data. Information and data security is essential throughout the whole customer journey, from registration to trip termination and payments. The mishandling of this sensitive information could lead to serious consequences, ranging from vehicle theft to misuse and looming financial losses.

Therefore when looking for a third-party software system, operators must prioritize working with a partner that can ensure the highest levels of information security and data protection. But, how to find such a partner? 

Fortunately, security certifications signal operators that they are working with a software provider deeply committed to information security and data protection. No matter what type of mobility fleet you operate, here is what you need to look for: 

ISO 27001 Certification: A cornerstone of excellence for information security and shared mobility 

The ISO 27001 certification is the gold standard for information security. Established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) it demands rigorous adherence to security management frameworks. It provides a set of rules and practices that help an organization keep digital assets safe and is proof that the certified company can withstand cyber attacks. 

ISO 27001 also fosters a culture of continual enhancement, urging organizations to regularly refine the performance, effectiveness, and efficiency of their information security controls and processes. When an operator teams up with an ISO 27001-certified partner, it not only guarantees top-notch information security but also a continuous evolution to meet new, emerging challenges. 

TISAX® Level 3 Certification: A must-have for automotive security 

With the automotive sector starting to implement Vehicle as a Service solutions, like car subscriptions, digital rentals, and carsharing, these industry players must be extra cautious when selecting their software partner as they need an extra layer of security. This is where the TISAX® Certification comes in, adding another level of assurance on top of the ISO 27001.

TISAX® (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) is the benchmark for information security in the European Automotive Industry, aligning with strict GDPR adherence. It demonstrates that the awarded company meets security requirements for the automotive supply chain and can protect highly sensitive data. 

OEMs and dealerships must partner with a software provider who has attained TISAX® certification as it addresses risks specific to the industry. Working with a partner who has anything less could spell disaster. 

Vulog: Your software partner for safety-guaranteed operations

Vulog’s dedication to the highest protection of information security and data protection is what sets us apart in the shared mobility software industry.  Both ISO 27001 and TISAX Level 3-certified, Vulog is a trusted partner for any operator who wants to work with the safest and most innovative mobility solutions. 

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