How one energy company became a top mobility player: MOL Limo Case Study

Find out how an energy company entered the shared mobility sector and became Budapest's largest carsharing service.


MOL Limo




Carsharing, Shared Mobility


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BUDAPEST. June 7, 2022 MOL Group launched MOL Limo in 2017 to transform their retail operations to continue meeting the needs of consumers after recognizing the value the mobility space held for growth. The energy company wanted to be a 360° consumer goods and services provider, where shared mobility seemed the solution to meeting the increasing demand from retail customers across the board (demanding better value, personalized services, and seamless and convenient experiences).

As carsharing had produced double-digit growth in recent years, MOL Group embraced the opportunity to emerge into the carsharing world, especially after analyzing consumer patterns and how millennials were relying less on private cars. What’s more, the increasing regulations to diminish transport emissions harming the environment were prevalent more than ever. Launching MOL Limo was the answer to addressing all of these needs, where a strong technology provider was needed at the core, inspiring other energy companies to think outside of the box.

Reaching more users, more trips, and having more revenue is always the goal, but encouraging Hungarians how to use sharing vehicles is the priority.

Szilvia Tamasi

Head of Sales & Marketing, MOL Limo

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