The Operator’s Angle: Franchise – Your Shortcut into Carsharing

GreenMobility shares their journey entering the carsharing space.




Copenhagen, Denmark


Carsharing, Shared Mobility


In October 2016, GreenMobility launched a free-floating carsharing service in Copenhagen with 400 city cars, after almost a full year of preparation and hard work.

DENMARK. January 9, 2018 During their first year of operations, they attracted 17,000 subscribers, drove hundreds of thousands of trips and hired a team of 18 fulltime and 47 part-time employees. With an entrepreneurial mindset and approach, they think big and act fast, which is crucial in an industry with such a great growth potential. They are now ready to share their experience and the best practices from Copenhagen with other companies that would become GreenMobility franchisees all over Europe, with plans to be up and running in 20 cities by 2021.

Benefits of Carsharing Franchise

Why implementing a carsharing franchise model? The carsharing franchise model offers many benefits to organizations looking to launch new mobility services:

1. Risk Reduction: Franchisees tremendously reduce their risk by benefitting from help in getting started from people that have successfully launched and currently run a new service;

2. Brand Investment: GreenMobility intends on becoming one of the big players on the market, meaning that all franchisees will benefit from large investments in the brand;

3. Import best practices: Incorporate things that already work into your service, saving yourself many tests and iterations typically needed to reach industry-leading standards;

4. Get to market faster: GreenMobility has spent years developing systems, branding, training and support for its own operations. Franchisees get to benefit from them on day 1;

5. Access to an ecosystem of partners: We bring solid and experienced partners into the fold, including E. ON., Renault, and Vulog, and we plug our franchisees right into our ecosystem;

6. It’s the data: Data on new mobility services isn’t readily available because it is very valuable. We have collected a significant amount of data on how to run operations and attract customers and we leverage it to the benefit of our franchisees

While our (and our franchisees’) users will undoubtedly appreciate our goal to be in 20 cities by 2021, they will start seeing the benefits of the franchise model much sooner than that. Indeed, once users are enrolled in one city, they will be able to use GreenMobility across all cities, thus providing customers with access to familiar and easy transportation during travels and reducing the need for taxis, local public transportation or car rental in foreign cities. GreenMobility has an established brand identity and will be easy for users to recognize in each city.

I also see great advantages in local partners operating GreenMobility in other cities, as local franchisees know the city and the local consumers and therefore can provide a better service and a better operation all round

High level of user satisfaction

High user satisfaction should be on every franchisee’s checklist before implementing a carsharing franchise model. Therefore, it should be said that in Copenhagen, GreenMobility has a Net Promotor Score above 90, which is higher than most companies can dream about. This shows that GreenMobility’s product is good and it’s something we are very proud of.

For GreenMobility, user experience drives product development. Every decision we make is dictated by our belief that, in order to change mobility in cities, city car concepts must be intuitive and user-friendly.

We strive to make a product that is easy and transparent for the user. A smooth experience gives users every reason to return and the hope is that GreenMobility will be as natural a way between A to B as other public transportation.

Vulog is the world’s leading tech mobility provider: we are committed to building a greener future, one city at a time.

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