How Troopy Became a Leading Operator in the Paris Market [Shared Journey]

Last year we witnessed a market boom in moped sharing: find out how Troopy managed the growing demand!




Paris, France


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For this edition of The Shared Journey, we sat down with Julie Jane Pizarro, the Chief Strategy Officer of Troopy to discuss all things to do with moped sharing.

PARIS. January 16, 2020 With Julie Jane Pizarro, we discover how Paris’ second-biggest player in the market coped with growing demand, leading to a significant increase in fleet size while keeping the same quality of service.

Could you introduce yourself and tell us what your role is at Troopy.

I’m the Chief Strategy Officer of Troopy, in charge of making sure that the strategic plan drawn up with the CEO runs smoothly. Ever since the project started in 2017, my goal has been to make our solution reliable, viable and desirable, so I am responsible for ensuring that my team is as efficient and effective as possible in all that they do… The project went live in April 2018 with 30 Yamaha Tricity shared scooters 125 cc in Paris. Today we have approximately150 units in Paris and the surrounding area.

What brought you to shared mobility and especially moped-sharing?

My experience working for the Chapat Group, a local and historical group in mobility services provided me with a unique yet very realistic vision of the market. The idea of joining a fast-growing team in an emerging MAAS sector was very attractive, and that’s what brought me to Troopy. We are still a small team, so it’s really important that we are flexible in all that we do and that we are able to adapt to different situations including when it comes to marketing, fleet management, HR, etc.

Do you also have a passion for mopeds on a personal level?

Motorcycles are a passion. I ride a classic 125cc motorcycle and I will soon have my motorcycle license.

Tell us a bit about the Troopy Success story given the fact that you’ve been with Troopy from the very start.

Troopy switched to Vulog’s latest AiMA platform in 2019 which has been very beneficial for our strategic plans.

Additionally, we expanded the TROOPY zone: we saw user trips multiply by 5 in the last quarter of 2019. Today, 97% of our active users love Troopy and recommend our app making Troopy a trusted and tried service.

You’re now the second biggest player in the Paris moped sharing scene: would you consider this a challenge or an opportunity?

I consider this a great opportunity. We have to adapt our offer and service during the strike, and while it’s not always easy, we know the service that we are operating is important for people. We have to provide the best customer service possible because we know residents are facing even more challenges than usual. For us, this means our Troopers have to clean and repair scooters at a faster pace to maintain an optimal level of service

Any next steps you’d like to share with us?

The current challenge is to increase our fleet size while maintaining the high level of product and service quality for which we have become known. Looking forward, the big next step for us is to complement our fleet to 100% electric.

What do you hope for 2020?

We always appreciate customers who share their experiences with us, so we’re looking forward to hearing more happy stories in the year to come! We would also be thrilled to further foster partnerships with cities and organizations – why not the Olympic Games!

Vulog, the world’s leading mobility tech provider, is proud to power Troopy, the 125cc three-wheel scooter rental self-service in Paris that aims to make your life easier and allows you to move around Paris and Île-de-France. 

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