Report Identifies the Top 5 Cities in the United States Ready to Embrace Carsharing Solutions

Vulog highlights five US cities primed for carsharing growth, offering significant opportunities for operators to transform urban mobility and sustainability.




United States




NICE. July 10, 2024. Vulog, a leading shared mobility technology provider, has spotlighted five American cities with immense potential for growth in the carsharing market.

The carsharing industry has revolutionized mobility by offering flexible, affordable, on-demand vehicle access in countries around the world. As American cities aim to reduce congestion and enhance sustainability, shared mobility providers are pivotal in transforming these landscapes into healthier, more sustainable environments. For companies and operators looking to launch car sharing services in key urban areas, these five cities offer prime opportunities for success.

Several important factors make certain U.S. cities especially appealing for carsharing services:

  • High Walkability and Transit Scores: Cities with excellent walkability and robust public transportation options are ideal for carsharing, indicating a population accustomed to diverse transportation modes.
  • Commitment to Environmental Sustainability: Cities focused on reducing carbon emissions and promoting green initiatives foster a supportive environment for carsharing, encouraging sustainable transportation habits.
  • Tech-Savvy Populations: Tech-savvy urban areas are more likely to embrace innovative transportation solutions, driving the success of carsharing programs.
  • Availability of Permits and Parking Spaces: Municipal support through permits for carsharing and designated parking spaces enhances the feasibility and attractiveness of carsharing services.
  • Supportive Government Programs: Programs promoting shared mobility and facilitating carsharing on residential properties help decrease private vehicle ownership and create equitable access to transportation.
  • Presence of Major Institutions: Cities with numerous businesses, federal agencies, and universities offer unique opportunities for carshare operators to provide discounted rates and dedicated vehicle access.
  • Student Demographics: Cities with significant student populations align with the typical carshare user, presenting an excellent opportunity for carsharing services.

“Vulog’s industry expertise has enabled us to identify the top cities with the greatest potential for carsharing success,” said Gregory Ducongé , CEO of Vulog. “These cities present significant opportunities for operators to thrive and lead the transformation of urban mobility.”

By establishing operations in strategic cities and leveraging cutting-edge technology, carshare operators are positioned for success in America.

Discover the list of the Top 5 US cities for carsharing by downloading the report here.

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