Live from Web Summit! A World Tour of How Shared & Electric Mobility Transforms the City

Around the world with a single keynote!
Vulog’s CEO Grégory Ducongé went on the AutoTech stage at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal.

LISBON. November 20, 2019 Gregory Ducongé took the Web Summit as an opportunity to share how shared & electric mobility is transforming the city.

Shared Mobility and its Endless Potential

To do so, he took them on a world tour of the most successful shared mobility services powered by Vulog. And more particularly he was also joined on stage by Fabian Krohn from UMI (Urban Mobility International GmbH) who gave more insight on WeShare, a free-floating service that started with 1,500 electric Golf in Berlin and is now planned to expand to other cities across Europe. Watch the full video of the keynote below!

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Lisbon, Portugal


Shared Mobility, Electrification