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Volkswagen Launches Electric Carsharing Service: WeShare

Today marks a major milestone in the automotive industry as Volkswagen launches WeShare.

BERLIN. June 27, 2019 WeShare has already announced its plans to replicate the service in Prague and Hamburg by 2020, demonstrating the shift that carmakers are taking to become new electric mobility providers. Most importantly, affirm this transformation needs to happen as soon as possible.

Mobility’s Future

It is now evident that the future of mobility will be shared, electric, and ultimately autonomous. In fact, going shared, electric, and autonomous is no longer just a question of fighting congestion in the cities and combating climate change (1 shared vehicle = 10 to 14 private vehicles less off the streets). Today, it is a matter of survival for carmakers that have been re-thinking their strategy to fight against the Ubers of the world.

The new mobility landscape is rapidly evolving and pushing OEMs to make big changes to their business models. Connectivity, autonomy, sharing, and electrification are at the epicenter of the industry revolution. The conventional model of owning a private car is no longer a one-size-fits-all: the future of mobility holds more electric vehicles, more shared mobility services, and more autonomous vehicles. Companies that make the transition from traditional auto manufacturer to innovative mobility provider will stay relevant and future-proof their business.

Entering the carsharing market by operating large fleets of electric shared vehicles is the first logical step these players should be taking to be successful. Here are 5 reasons why:

1-  Deploy the next generation of electric vehicles at scale and allow customers to enjoy their first experience in an EV

2- Extend the relationship with their clients and gain direct access to hundreds of thousands of customers

3-   Understand mobility patterns and needs within cities

4-  Bring additional revenue streams to dealer networks by leveraging their existing infrastructure and local market expertise

5-  Increase brand awareness

With the vast ‘WeShare’ project, Volkswagen is joining the list of carmakers who are entering the shared mobility market, i.e., Stellantis (Free2Move), BMW-Daimler (ShareNow), Kia (WiBLE). Volkswagen is taking the lead with this “Go Big” approach, and we look forward to seeing their network of cities grow across continents.

Congrats to the WeShare team that made this happen, and let’s all share the excitement of seeing sustainable mobility come to life.

The Shared Journey starts now!

Vulog, the world’s leading tech mobility provider, is proud to power WeShare, the world’s largest 100% electric carsharing service. 100% electric, 100% green energy, 0% emissions: WeShare brings electric carsharing to your door. With easy access to a fully electric fleet, you can enjoy as much or as little a car in your life as you want sustainably. 

Gregory Ducongé, CEO of Vulog




Berlin, Germany