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Whatever your needs are, we have a solution for you: free-floating, one-way station-based and round-trip carsharing, with or without ride-hailing integrations. Take our Free-Floating solution for instance. We've made it very simple: your users register from the app in just a few minutes, instantly book, open and drive one of your vehicles using your app on their smartphone. Convenient, simple and affordable. They can use the vehicle for as long as they need. Once they've finished they can park anywhere within your predefined "Home Zone."

So how does it work?

Corporate Carsharing

Want to offer innovative mobility to employees and optimize mobility costs? Free-floating is easily adapted to corporate needs. Schedule a demo and ask us about it to learn more.

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You might have already tested our technology without even knowing it.

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Our technology

Three core elements make up the foundation of a successful free-floating service.

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