Get your micromobility service on the market in record time in a cost-efficient manner

Our platform gives you the freedom to choose the ideal operations management system, end-user app, and IoT to run your micromobility service.

We know that it is crucial for your micromobility service to be up and running quickly, but this shouldn’t mean limiting your possibility for future expansion. Vulog allows you to launch effortlessly in under 30 days by taking an agile yet scalable approach.

You choose your IoT, type, and brand of vehicle, and we will ensure a smooth integration. Our technology combined with our extensive partnership ecosystem allows for your fleet to be up and running in a matter of weeks.

AiMA, our API-driven mobility platform, allows you to benefit from countless integrations and continuous innovations with your chosen IoT.

A word from Troopy

Troopy switched to the Vulog’s AiMA platform, which greatly benefited our strategic plans. We were able to expand the Troopy zone and saw user trips multiply by 5. More recently, we expanded the service and now cover 12 cities. Today, 97% of our active users love Troopy and recommend our app, making Troopy a tried and trusted service.
Julie Jane Pizarro

Chief Strategy Officer

A word from Poppy Mobility

We migrated to Vulog’s AiMA platform to offer cars, mopeds and scooters within the same app. Now our users can access 500 cars, 400 mopeds and 300 scooters within one seamless, comprehensive, and easy-to-use service.
Laetitia Gutierrez Martinez

Chief Marketing Officer

Power your fleet with the most robust, agile, and flexible mobility solution available on the market

Whether you are launching your micromobility service, looking for a set of tools to optimize your day-to-day operations, planning to expand your service and address new markets, or all of the above, our platform supports your business at every phase of its development!

How should you determine which electric moped is the perfect fit for your shared mobility service?

Electric Mopeds in Micromobility: The Essential Guide

As the leading tech provider for shared mobility solutions, we at Vulog decided to turn to our partners in micromobility to learn directly from the source.

  • Advice from the world’s top experts in electric moped manufacturing
  • A summarized account of the key features you need to know when choosing a moped for your shared mobility service
  • Insights on critical topics such as vandalism prevention, user optimization, and more!

Our top shared mobility experts will support you every step of your journey


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Our project team has an excellent track record and our technical support is rated 4.8/5 by our clients.

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The Technology Behind

Meet AiMA, Vulog's intelligent mobility platform that allows you to enhance the user experience, optimize your operations, connect with any IoT and integrate with any third party.

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