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Future-proof your business and reach new market segments thanks to Vulog’s best-in-class technology.

Diverse Target Segment

Take your business to the next level by reaching new audiences

Offer local businesses and their employees exclusive deals


Address consumers and local communities directly

Competitive Advantage

What make us stand out


Connect your fleet and digitize the entire rental process - from onboarding to registration to booking - so that you can keep your vehicles and users moving within minutes instead of hours.


Keyless entry and seamless and digital onboarding/booking right from a smartphone means you eliminate wait time and red tape for you and your customers.


Generate new revenue streams by exploring new booking methods. The result? By expanding your business spectrum you address new travel patterns, cover new market segments, and grow a wider customer base.


Reduce your Total Cost of Mobility (TCM). Saving time means saving money, so fleet operations and maintenance must be simple and efficient. We make this happen thanks to automated maintenance workflow and service crew dispatch. Plus, leverage data to optimize vehicles and right-size your fleet.

Product Highlights

Whether you are looking to launch your rental service, integrate a set of tools to optimize your day-to-day operations, expand your service to address new markets, or all of the above, our platform supports your business at every stage of its digital transformation.


Digitally connect your fleet

  • Digitally connect and control your fleet.
  • Easy, keyless digital entry via one single app.
  • Fully digital check-in experience, from automated onboarding to easy vehicle pick-up, all done from the user’s smartphone.
  • Streamlined business processes: from driver verification to payment authorization to invoicing.


Digitally control your rental operations

  • Real-time vehicle monitoring, geolocalization, remote digital locking/unlocking, and vehicle immobilization to ensure that your vehicle is safe at all times.
  • Monitor and control driver and fleet agent activity in real time.
  • Automated maintenance workflow: from task distribution to service crew dispatch.
  • Data aggregation and analyses: real-time vehicle diagnostics, usage reports, and damage detection.


Explore new markets

  • Offer subscription services for long-term rentals, a flexible alternative to traditional leasing
  • Provide exclusive VIP service for higher end clientele
  • Boost your customer base with corporate accounts.
  • Add cities to your current offering and/or start a franchising network.

Client Testimonials

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  • We did our research about Vulog and saw a lot of big names in Vulog's clients, which gave us confidence. Vulog had and still has really excellent customer service and it really made us feel comfortable that we were working with the right people.

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