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In a world where shared mobility is becoming an essential part of our daily lives, it is imperative to recognize the individuals steering the course toward a more sustainable future. Vulog’s North American Shared Mobility Champions Report is shedding light on these dedicated visionaries who are transforming the transportation landscape in North America.

Why the North American Shared Mobility Champions report matters

The shared mobility industry in North America is at a pivotal juncture. It is rapidly growing, fueled by urbanization, environmental concerns, technological advancements, shifting consumer preferences, and governmental support. The “North American Shared Mobility Champions Report” is a testament to the significance of shared mobility in our contemporary world. It spotlights those who are leading the way, tackling challenges like climate change, inequality, and the rising costs of transportation.

Four key shared mobility trends

The report zeroes in on four major trends that are driving shared mobility in North America:

  1. Electric: Recognizing pioneers leading the shift to 100% electrified shared mobility.
  2. Equitable: Spotlighting those striving to provide affordable, accessible transportation for all.
  3. Collaborative: Highlighting individuals working to bridge the gap across sectors and industries for seamless transportation integration.
  4. Corporate: Honoring leaders driving the transition to shared mobility, reducing carbon footprints, and offering flexible options in the corporate sector.

Nominees by the numbers 

We received many impressive nominations across all the categories so choosing just 16 champions was a challenge. Here are some key stats about all of the nominees: 

Meet the Champions – Download the report today

The report is available for free download. It offers insights into the individuals driving innovation and change, working tirelessly to make shared mobility more sustainable, affordable, and accessible. By downloading the report, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the shared mobility landscape in North America and be inspired to support and join this transformative movement.

Download the report today! 

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