Vulog and StriveCloud partner to drive profitability for shared mobility operators with cutting-edge loyalty programs

The partnership between Vulog and Strivecloud, a leading gamification platform, will provide vehicle-sharing businesses with powerful tools to boost trips and user retention




Nice, France




NICE. 05 June, 2024. World-leading mobility technology provider, Vulog, and global gamification software StriveCloud have teamed up to create next-gen loyalty programs for shared mobility operators. These programs incentivize usage with interactive experiences and  nurture a sense of community among customers. By seamlessly integrating StriveCloud’s loyalty engine into Vulog’s AI-powered platform, vehicle-as-a-service businesses will be able to tailor rewards, challenges, perks and membership levels like never before. These marketing enhancements will accelerate  revenue generation and profitability by leveraging multifaceted benefits such as: 

  • Repeat usage 
  • Higher retention rates
  • Improved customer satisfaction 
  • Enhanced data collection
  • Stronger competitive differentiation

The Vulog-StriveCloud integration will also enable mobility operators to effectively measure and reward their users’ planet-friendly behaviors (i.e. CO² emissions saved), fostering a sense of pride and creating opportunities for brand ambassador programs. The data collected will allow shared mobility operators to quantifiably demonstrate the positive impact of their service on urban pollution and congestion. 

“Through our collaboration with StriveCloud, we’re excited to revolutionize loyalty programs for shared mobility operators. Our mission is to transform mobility for a more sustainable world by empowering operators with the market’s best platform and tools to foster growth and unprecedented profitability. We are proud to welcome StriveCloud to our network of connected partners, as together we’ll unlock new ways for our clients to engage with their customers, secure more revenue, and demonstrate their positive impact.” 

Gregory Ducongé, CEO, Vulog

“This integration with Vulog is very exciting in the sense that it enables us to deliver on our goal: bringing the power of gamification to as many app/website providers as possible without the hassle of high implementation & maintenance costs, without compromising on results.

By showing and rewarding impact & progress to everyone using Vulog technology around the world, we are convinced that we’ll be able to create win-win situations where we can increase satisfaction rates from end-customers while increasing profitability from mobility providers.”

Freek Borghgraef, Managing Partner, StriveCloud

These enhanced marketing capacities are  part of the most recent releases available in  the latest version of Vulog’s platform, which empowers B2B and B2C operators to seamlessly implement a variety of shared mobility services within  a single fleet of vehicles, including vehicle sharing, rental, and subscription models.

About Vulog

Vulog is the world’s leading shared mobility technology provider, redefining fleet operations, driving profitability, and bringing positive change globally with sustainable, inclusive mobility solutions.

Since 2006, our advanced AI-powered SaaS platform has empowered successful shared mobility businesses with flexible fleet management tools, consumer-facing mobile applications, and connected vehicle technology. We enable the launch of large-scale fleets in just three months, setting new industry standards

About Strivecloud

StriveCloud is a leading gamification technology that enables companies to revolutionize how their end customers make use of their digital services. By integrating game elements seamlessly into the user experience, StriveCloud makes apps & websites more fun & rewarding for the user, while increasing app/website profitability.

Our unique combination of expertise & technology enables our customers to speed up implementation time by a factor 10 while making later phase iteration a no-code experience. This puts the power in the hands of teams closest to the end customers with no need to occupy scarce development resources. In this way, StriveCloud achieves results for their customers that by far exceed industry benchmarks.


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Stephanie Hagen

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