Best Month Ever: How Leo&Go Increased Its Revenue by 40%

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Vulog’s Mobility Showcase, Leo&Go carsharing, has once again demonstrated shared mobility excellence in action by achieving a record-breaking month in May 2024, with revenues surging by an impressive 40% compared to May 2023. This remarkable growth reflects the company’s strategic initiatives and unwavering commitment to meeting customer needs.

How did Leo&Go achieve this remarkable increase in revenue? 

1. Strategic Price Adjustments

Leo&Go has carefully calibrated prices to reflect market dynamics and customer demand. While prices have increased in May (+6% in average ; second price increase in 3 years), so have trips and trip length, demonstrating that customers remain as happy as ever thanks to the high level of service quality. 

2. Fleet Expansion and Diversification 

Between May 2023 and May 2024, a total of 80 vehicles were added to the fleet. These included new types of vehicles, such as light commercial vehicles. These new models coupled with different service offerings, such as free-floating, digital rental and subscription, has allowed Leo&Go to respond to its customers evolving needs while maximizing fleet utilization rates

3.Enhanced Services with Station-Based Airport Options

Thanks to dedicated parking spots at Lyon’s International airport, travelers can reserve a Leo&Go vehicle to drive to and from the airport. Airport journeys account for 5% of total trips. 

4. Leveraging Vulog’s fleet management tool

Thanks to Vulog’s award-winning platform Leo&Go has been able to optimize its fleet availability, boasting an outstanding  96% availability rate of its vehicles. They can also optimize agents’ workload and tasks (balancing, charging/refueling, maintenance/cleanliness, damage interventions), and review each external vendor/partner agreement.

5. Reaching their customers where they are 

By deploying smart marketing actions that rely on both online and offline tools, Leo&Go can maximize visibility at a minimal cost. For instance, by leveraging their CRM or partnering with local events and festivals 

6. Keeping their users happy

Thanks to their outstanding customer satisfaction, reflected by app ratings of 4.8 in the Apple Store and 4.7 in the Google Play Store, Leo&Go has effectively retained existing users while continuously attracting new ones.

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