Multiple Mobility Options Across One Fleet: A Key Success Factor

Diversifying the fleet with a range of vehicle models and providing multiple mobility options through a single application has proven to be a winning strategy for Leo&Go




Lyon, France


Carsharing, Shared mobility, Digital rental, Instant Access, Free-Floating


This winning strategy has boosted user acquisition, retention and trip activity while also maximizing fleet utilization to its fullest potential. Here are the models that Leo&Go introduced over the past months and what users can expect from them:

– Free-Floating: the service started with and still primarily consists of approximately 400 hybrid and electric cars available in instant access in the greater Lyon area.

– Free-Floating with “schedule a trip” feature:  with “schedule a trip” feature: users can pre-book/secure a car from the fleet, whether it’s for a trip to the airport, a weekend getaway, or a business meeting, providing them with greater peace of mind.

– Scheduled-booking: users can rent premium and family cars for the duration of their choice and access them from a dedicated partner parking spot in central Lyon.

– Subscription: users can “privatize” a vehicle and rent it by the month. This model is notably gaining traction within the B2B market.

“Developing a comprehensive set of offers is key, not only to our success, but to address all mobility needs in Lyon Metropolitan area and effectively reduce the use of private cars.” says Vincent Frey, Leo&Go’s general manager.

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