Innovative Partnerships: How music festivals and putting greens can drive customer acquisition

Discover the creative collaborations that carsharing operators are leveraging to get more users into their vehicles




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Customer acquisition is crucial for shared mobility operators’ success, yet attracting an increasing number of users to their vehicles remains a challenge. Fortunately, operators need not tackle this task alone. By fostering innovative partnerships with third parties, shared mobility operators can attract new customers and retain existing ones, all while becoming an integral part of the local community and delivering unique experiences that set their service apart.

Innovative partnerships are second “nature” for BCAA’s Evo 

Evo car share, an innovative partnership GOAT, is teaming up with Canada’s natural prescription program PaRx to offer program users a free 100-minute ride in their free-floating carsharing vehicles. PaRx boasts a network of 13,000 doctors who recognize the healing power of nature and Evo is helping to eliminate the transportation barrier for thousands of patients who wish to spend time in British Columbia’s beautiful national parks. 

Evo partnership nature

Evo eliminates transportation obstacles to facilitate people’s access to nature.

Leo&Go carsharing offers year-round adventures, regardless of the season.

Leo&Go, based in Lyon, France, teams up with different summer music festivals and events, marking their locations as a Leo Spot point of interest. Users who park or pause their journey at a Leo Spot for at least an hour benefit from exclusive deals, such credits towards their next trip. They have also partnered with local amusement park Walibi to score customers discounted tickets upon presenting proof of journey with Leo&Go.

In the winter, Leo&Go works with surrounding ski resorts for cross-promotional opportunities. Leo&Go displays a partner in their app along with an associated offer (such as discounted passes) while the ski resort promotes Leo&Go as a sustainable way to reach the slopes. Car rentals booked for ski trips increased by a whopping 30% thanks to these promotions. 

Leo Spot at Nantua Fest

Users who stop at “Leo Spots” during their journey receive special discounts from Leo&Go and their partners

Aimo Share serves up a variety of partnerships

Carsharing service Aimo Share has teed up a special offer for their users through a partnership with Sweden’s fastest growing golf club, Happy Golfer. Aimo customers who travel to the club in one of the service’s electric vehicles receive a 50% discount on green fees. Aimo Share is not just about clubs, but also racquets, as they are an official sponsor of the Spårvägen Badminton club. The operator lends their cars out to ferry elite and junior players alike to matches across Sweden in a sustainable manner. 

Users can get to Happy Golfer with Aimo Share

Arriving at the putting green with Aimo Share



When it comes to creating partnerships to drive user acquisition, the sky’s the limit. Bringing value to the operator, their users, and the third party partner, make these innovative collaborations a win-win-win. 

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