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Lyon, France


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The ski season is coming to a close and we’re happy to report that Leo&Go’s cross-visibility partnerships with surrounding ski resorts were a success!  While the snowfall wasn’t as heavy this year, mountain lovers could still head to the slopes quickly and without spending big bucks thanks to Leo&Go. The number of car rentals booked for ski trips increased by 30% as compared to last year and typically had a 2-day rental duration with pre-booking options + snow chains and racks extras.

Participating ski resorts join the Leo Spots Program, which promotes the partner in the app via a pin on the map with its associated offer (i.e: a ski pass discount), as well as on Leo&Go’s Instagram and website. In exchange, Leo&Go is featured on the partner’s website and communication channels as an eco-friendly and simple-to-use mobility solution to get to their resort.

Leo Spots also include festivals, lakes, museums, shopping centers and more.

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