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The Art of Carsharing: How Leading Operators Use Art to Promote Shared Mobility

Find out how leading operators are going against the grain when it comes to carsharing!
What does it take to master the art of carsharing?  Vulog’s clients, WeShare, Free2Move, and Evo stand out from the crowd with creative campaigns.

Getting creative with carsharing

Shared Mobility is changing not just how we travel, but also our relationship to travel. People no longer want to be tied down to a private vehicle. The high cost of owning a depreciating asset, the cumbersome monthly insurance rates, as well as other hidden costs make private vehicle ownership feel more cumbersome than ever before.

This is all the more true than at a time when more attractive and flexible shared mobility options are taking over the market. In fact, shared mobility solutions are in such high demand that, according to McKinsey, its expected annual growth rate is expected to exceed 20 per cent throughout 2030! The carsharing segment alone represents a big chunk of the shared mobility sector. After gaining major traction over the past few decades, it has become a popular choice for city-dwellers worldwide. In fact, by 2025 the number of carsharing users is expected to reach nearly 60 million!

And with more and more competitors entering the market, operators are finding creative ways to stand out from the crowd and improve their cities. The art of carsharing is more than just running a service; it’s about doing so successfully and creatively while promoting sustainability and building community. Our very own thriving clients have felt inspired to take a stance and use art as a way to stand out, further promoting that carsharing not only helps save the planet, it can only help make cities more vibrant and forward-thinking! Find out below how some of the industry’s best have mastered the art of carsharing, in every sense of the term.

Volkswagen’s 100% electric carsharing fleet, WeShare, d(r)ives into street art

UMI (Urban Mobility International GmbH), a Volkswagen subsidiary, successfully merged into the exciting new mobility playground with its launch of “WeShare” the world’s largest 100% electric carsharing service. With zero emissions, certified green electricity, and satisfied customers hitting the streets with either an e-Golf or ID.3s in Germany’s capital Berlin – and now also Hamburg – there is no surprise that the fully electric carsharing service is always on the ball looking for new ways to impress their users. And, of course, promoting shared mobility in a captivating way!

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, WeShare decided to revamp its current designs and create three new designs for a selection of the fleet’s electric vehicles: ‘Unity’, ‘Freedom’, and ‘Future’.

3 themes. 3 cars. 3 artists.

weshare carsharing art car

WeShare sought out Berlin’s most trendy artists to create these unique Artcars: @stephenseeger, @vidamstudio, and @tape.that. The artists embody WeShare’s vision for Shared e-Mobility and achieve Volkswagen’s vision of being superior vehicle manufacturers by transforming into digital services on wheels – and of course, show that carsharing can be done with style.

WeShare’s striking Artcars encourage city-dwellers to consider Shared e-Mobility as a new way to travel while magically bringing more life to the busy city of Berlin. Fewer fumes, less congestion, and a more colorful place to live, what can these Artcars not do?

But wait! WeShare didn’t stop at its Artcars and went one step further by integrating music and art into its service as well. The iconic music group Green Berlin – a sustainability-focused band that embodies their values in their music and their own merchandise – joined forces with WeShare to present the new Green Berlin ID.3.

weshare carsharing art car berlin

Users can easily find the Green Berlin ID.3 via their WeShare app. As soon as they ride the original vehicle, WeShare donates to different charities selected by Green Berlin that support sustainability and environmental protection – what’s more, the fare remains the same for the user! Users just need to look for the icon “Drive & Donate,” and their trip counts as a small step closer to a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

As WeShare is a carsharing service provided by UMI, a sub-subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, WeShare has creative ideas and the resources to make them happen. And when it comes to mobility services, they are far from finished – always on the hunt for making its services more appealing to users; we are excited to see what WeShare does next!

Stellantis’ Free2Move service offers the trendiest way of getting around Paris

Another client leading the way through the art scene with their service is Free2Move, offering services worldwide, including Paris. The Stellantis Group is one of the world’s leading automakers, and its mission is to provide freedom of movement through a reliable and affordable solution – hence why the OEM decided to launch its own carsharing service, Free2Move, to secure and simplify mobility for all by offering diverse services and staying on top of the automotive industry game!

Free2Move’s new Ami was a strategic move for appealing to their users. The compact vehicle is itself quite original in its size and form, so adding colorful patterns and designs only accentuated the vehicle’s unique flair.

free2move carsharing ami paris

Free2Move celebrated the Ami with a  fun marketing campaign by selecting 20 vehicles from the fleet to represent the vibes of Paris’ 20 iconic districts. This idea aligns perfectly with the city’s creative and artistic essence, as Paris is not defined by one single culture but rather a diverse palette of styles and flavors. In this way, the designs of the vibrant Ami rolling through the streets of Paris are inspired by real anecdotes and stories of actual Parisians living their everyday lives in the iconic city!

The Free2Move app allows Parisians to locate the vibrant Amis wherever they are, serving their mobility needs. Free2Move makes booking an Ami an easy and seamless experience, allowing users to book an Ami instantly for as long as they want, whether it be for driving to work, parking near a garden for a picnic, or simply doing what Parisians do best, shopping! Added bonus? The striking designs of the new electric car powered by Free2Move’s free-floating service have turned many heads as they zip down the streets!

BCAA’s free-floating carsharing service, Evo, now part of Canada’s artistic landscape

Evo Car Share has also hopped on the trend and used street murals as a way to show off their sophisticated electric cars.

Evo has not only become one of the most affordable and convenient carsharing services in the British Colombia area, operating in Vancouver and now Victoria, but it has also become the most popular carsharing company in North America. In addition to offering quality service, they definitely know how to attract users to drive one of their Toyota Hybrid Priuses with catchy ads of their vehicles against creative street art backgrounds!

evo carsharing car

Carsharing in a big city is certainly advantageous, especially if you want to check out the city’s street art yourself. As an Evo user said, “This past weekend, my friends and I hopped in an Evo and had brunch and toured the murals in Mount Pleasant. Evo makes getting around the city so easy!”.

evo carsharing car

Street art provides an excellent backdrop for Canada’s favorite car share service while promoting the works of talented Canadian artists. Evo recognizes that street art can reshape and redefine spaces and ultimately connect people, which is not surprising given just how effectively Evo is able to promote community via its inclusive carsharing service.

Bringing color, energy, and movement to cities thanks to carsharing

With industry players constantly striving to find inventive ways to advocate shared mobility such as carsharing, art is a surefire way to increase people’s awareness and inspire others. WeShare, Free2Move, and Evo Car Share have shown that, yes, shared mobility is more than just a service. It’s an art form in itself that helps create a city that is not just greener, but also more vibrant and forward-thinking!

Feeling inspired? You, too, can get creative and master the art of carsharing! Learn more about how to launch and expand your service by downloading our “7 Key Ingredients for Carsharing Success” Report today.


WeShare, Free2Move, Evo Car Share