Vulog launches ‘Leo&Go’ as a mobility showcase for new carsharing technologies

Announcing the official launch of Leo&Go, Vulog's "Mobility Showcase" project in Lyon, France.




Lyon, France




In Lyon, France Leo&Go’s large-scale fleet of shared, free-floating electric and hybrid vehicles will help people move and enable Vulog to pilot new technology features that advance the carshare sector.

LYON. September 1, 2021 Vulog, the global leader in shared mobility software solutions, today celebrates the launch of its ‘Leo&Go’ carshare service across the Greater Lyon metropolitan area. Operated end-to-end by Vulog, Leo&Go’s fleet of 300 free-floating electric and hybrid vehicles will serve the people of Lyon and operate as a proving ground for industry-first mobility features before the company deploys them to its shared mobility partners worldwide.

In Lyon, local officials recently called for more carshare offerings in a region where 40% of cars sit unused during the week. Free-floating carshare is vital to reducing personal car dependence, as it enables people who do not own a car to access one when needed. Yet operating a successful system is complex, requiring advanced technology, sound operations, and integration with the greater transport ecosystem. To create more sustainable cities, we need carshare options that keep up with the rapid pace of innovation across the shared mobility sector.

In Lyon, Leo&Go will apply Vulog’s technology to deliver an intuitive, convenient customer offering–including predictive intelligence that keeps the fleet positioned to match travel demand. For the first time, Vulog will operate a shared mobility service directly, using the Lyon region as a testing ground for the new technologies it will offer to its global partners via its AiMA platform. Via its Vulog Labs program, the company will invite its global shared mobility partners to submit ideas to be piloted in Lyon — including smart charging and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, autonomous driving, and more. This is the first time that Vulog or any of its partners have operated in Lyon.

Vulog has developed unique technological expertise and know-how that we want to leverage to catalyze the next generation of car-sharing services.

Gregory Ducongé

CEO, Vulog

With an initial fleet of 300 hybrid and electric vehicles (200 hybrid Toyota Yaris and 100 fully-electric Peugeot e-208), travelers can access Leo&Go via mobile app, starting in Lyon and Villeurbanne and followed by nearby municipalities in the coming months. Vulog worked closely with local authorities to design a service that could thrive in Lyon’s Low Emission Zone, and will share regular data reports on trip patterns, parking, and multimodal use with the City of Lyon. Users can park for free in city-designated spaces, and Leo&Go has formed parking and charging partnerships at popular destinations like the Lyon Saint-Exupery Airport, shopping malls, and nearby ski resorts.

Leo&Go will evolve over time to meet the mobility needs of Lyon, including mobility-as-a-service integrations with public transport, with the intention of being inclusive and accessible to all. Vulog’s strategic partners for the Leo&Go project include Toyota & Stellantis, with additional partners to be announced in the coming weeks. Vulog is bringing together industry leaders in the mobility space to highlight the importance of shared mobility in creating sustainable, livable, and resilient cities around the globe.

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