How dealerships generate new revenue with carsharing: Rulla Case Study

Find out how some of Sweden's top dealerships are future-proofing their businesses thanks to carsharing


Renault-Volvo Dealer Association






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SWEDEN. September 1, 2022  Digital disruptions are affecting dealership economics. As a result, dealerships must find new, sustainable ways to generate revenue thanks to new mobility offers like carsharing. To maintain a competitive edge and future-proof their business, the Renault-Volvo dealer association decided to redefine their traditional business model. They did so by taking a more digital, “mobility service”-centric approach to their business. How?

Sweden’s dealership network generates revenue with carsharing

The Renault-Volvo dealer association created a carsharing service called Rulla and integrated it into the offers of their existing dealership network. In doing so, the group managed to generate new revenue streams while positioning itself as a key player in the new mobility ecosystem.  This strategic decision allows dealerships to future-proof their business in spite of growing restrictive legislation hitting the automotive industry.

Rulla, one of Sweden’s favorite carsharing service

Sweden’s convenient, flexible and seamless carsharing service targets B2C and B2B markets. Not only does it help dealers meet the demand for more mobility services and reach new demographics. It also helps to optimize idle vehicles that would otherwise remain sitting in a parking lot, hence allowing dealerships to generate more revenue. After its initial launch across 4 cities, users can now roll with Rulla in over 20 cities across Sweden.

Finding the right tech to integrate carsharing into dealerships’ existing offers

The Renault-Volvo dealer association sought out a technology that would allow them to manage and connect various dealership agencies located in cities across the country while addressing both B2B and B2C markets – all from one single mobile app. How did they do it?

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