Leo & Go Customer Satisfaction Survey

Leo&Go conducted its first customer survey. The results are very positive, both in terms of customer satisfaction and environmental impact.




Lyon, France


Carsharing, Shared mobility, Digital rental, Instant Access, Free-Floating


Last November, Leo&Go conducted its first customer survey to learn more about their demographics, reasons for using Leo&Go, and whether their mobility behavior had changed since they began using the service. The results were impressive and are about to be shared with Lyon City Hall to demonstrate the positive impact of shared mobility. The team received submissions from 303 respondents, with an average age of 32.

83% lived in the Rhône-Alpes region, of which 59% were in Lyon city center. 86% were employed, 5% were students, 6% were retired, and 3% were unemployed. 61% didn’t own a car.  56% use Leo&Go for leisure, 18% for work, 17% to go shopping, 6% to go to the airport.

And 90% increased their use of active mobility or public transport as a complement to Leo&Go.

What else ? Here’s some especially fantastic news:


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