How to Make Your Carsharing Service Take Off With Teslas

Just like the famous Silicon Valley startup that started small and has grown into an international phenomenon, carsharing has, too, been shaking up the automotive industry.


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July 1, 2021 An abundance of words can describe Tesla. Another word that comes to mind is “disruptive,” a perfect match to describe carsharing as well.

The Rise of Teslas and Carsharing

Teslas and carsharing have completely disrupted the way we use private vehicles, and are in this way, quite complementary, which is why adding Teslas to a carsharing service makes perfect sense as operators pave the way for new accessible and green forms of urban mobility.

Just like carsharing, Elon Musk’s iconic vehicles are more than just a trend: they are redefining our relationship to cars as well as the open road. Users love them because they tick off boxes for comfort, safety, and driving pleasure. Carsharing operators love Teslas, too, because they help their business by satisfying their customers and boosting their profitability. How so?

Inspired by Tesla’s ever-growing success across the automotive industry, more and more carsharing operators are choosing to incorporate the popular brand into their carsharing service. This is because operators are keenly aware of the significant value that Teslas can bring to their business in terms of brand awareness, growth, and profitability.

The world’s most popular electric vehicle carries with it a strong brand appeal – arguably the strongest in the EV market. Plus it offers ultimate versatility and convenience when it comes to addressing various use cases: from urgent errands to professional business trips to smooth, leisurely road trips. In a nutshell, Teslas help attract users. More users and more trips mean more profit for the operator which is why adding Teslas to one’s fleet has such a tremendous, positive impact on a carsharing service.

So sit back, relax, and let’s take a smooth, (noise-free) ride as we delve into three examples of successful tesla carsharing services that have seen major positive results thanks to these performant vehicles: Vy in Oslo, Elise in Geneva, and ELOOP in Vienna.

Vy | Oslo, Norway

vy tesla carsharing in norway

This year Norway ranked 5th happiest country to live in the world! There are many reasons for Norwegians to be happy, including the fact that city officials prioritize residents’ well-being and quality of life, starting with providing efficient, accessible, and sustainable forms of transportation and mobility.

In fact, Norway has been dubbed EV capital of the world, and true to their namesake, Norway’s state-owned transport operator, Vy, focuses on providing the best and “greenest” journey for their customers and community. They offer numerous forms of sustainable transport – from train to bus to car – all from one single app.

What’s more, Vy has shaped its business model according to the customer’s evolving needs whilst keeping its carbon footprint down to a minimum. You might even say that this operator (literally) lives and breathes for their city!

In 2019, Vy launched a new carsharing service Bybil – City Car, with 250 Renault ZOEs meaning that now Norwegians have access to a 100% electric, shared mobility service. In spite of the pandemic, the service was quite successful in its two first years, prompting Vy to launch Turbil earlier this month, a new, cutting-edge service featuring long-range Teslas to address even more user needs.

The Tesla brand caught Vy’s attention and was chosen following a rigorous RFP selection process. In addition to its brand appeal, Vy was confident that Teslas would be in high demand from its users due to a number of key selling points that users were looking for as part of their travel experience: comfortable interior, longer driving range, larger trunk space, and, of course, a seamless user experience – both digital and physical. A carsharing service with Teslas seemed the way to go.

Plus, Vy’s Tesla model of choice – the Model 3, known for long-range distances – is quite fitting given the fact that the name of Vy’s service “Turbil” translates to “Road Trip Car.” Users are encouraged to use Turbil to meet all use cases: not just for running simple errands but also embarking on longer yet smooth and hassle-free leisure trips.

In fact, what makes road trips with Vy’s Turbil extra special is their unique pricing model: the cost of driving a Tesla with Vy becomes progressively cheaper the longer you keep the car. This means users can truly reap the benefits of owning a Tesla without the hassles of actually doing so.

Not surprisingly, since announcing that they would offer Teslas, Vy’s registration has gone up by nearly 50%! Not only did Vy exceed their customers’ expectations by addressing users’ needs, but they also went above and beyond by bringing them the premium-user experience that a Tesla offers at an affordable rate. The brand speaks for itself: it’s luxurious and takes your driving experience to a whole new level with no noises and bumps along the way. And what customer doesn’t want that?

Elise | Geneva, Switzerland

Elise tesla carsharing

Switzerland – a country with one of the highest GDP per capita, home to some of the world’s most luxurious international companies, and to top it all of, also ranked one of the most livable places in the world.

No wonder there is a strong desire to start a company in Switzerland or even work in the country due to a vibrant and respected business culture. This may explain the high demand for reliable and prestigious vehicles to get business professionals from point A to point B, smoothly, efficiently, and safely.

Recently, Switzerland’s financial hub welcomed the carsharing service, Elise, to their transport network. The service launched with the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model S in the beautiful city of Geneva, a quite fitting choice for business-savvy professionals in such a business-driven city. How so?

A Tesla provides excellent options for business-oriented individuals who may require a sophisticated car to arrive at client lunches or get to and from the airport for a business trip. The last thing they want to worry about is whether their vehicle will have any issues along the journey.

With Elise, they can rest assured that their experience will be first-class thanks to a Tesla. In fact, by offering a reliable, high-quality branded, and 100% electric vehicle to a particular clientele, Elise received high interest immediately upon launching their new service in addition to rapid user base growth.

The Tesla brand not only compliments Elise’s target audience and the bustling vibe of Geneva, but it also goes hand in hand with Elise’s vision of a world where everyone goes electric. With Teslas embodying this vision thanks to their seamless, connected, and green approach, Elise has found its perfect match.

The cherry on top – Elise’s booking method is just as seamless as its choice of vehicle. Via their state-of-the-art app, you can say goodbye to rental queues, paperwork, and hidden fees in order to start driving your Tesla immediately from a selection of parking lots located across Geneva!

ELOOP | Vienna, Austria

eloop carsharing service with Teslas in Vienna

Teslas are also contributing to the growth of mobility operators in Vienna with ELOOP. The carsharing service initially launched in 2019, where they came up with an “outside of the box” idea – to provide Vienna residents with a more sustainable electric option at a flexible basis thanks to daily or hourly rentals. The only carsharing services available in the city prior to ELOOP, offered only limited, per-minute rentals.

ELOOP has always prioritized electric vehicles for their users, such as the BMW i3, an excellent car for convenience and longer driving range. And to continue evolving their fleet, in August of 2020 the carsharing service officially added the Tesla Model 3 to their fleet. The Vienna operator recognized the tremendous value Teslas could bring to their users and overall business growth.

In a short amount of time, ELOOP witnessed their business grow significantly right before their eyes. In fact, since adding the brand to their fleet, ELOOP has reached a whopping user registration of 15,000, a 200% increase!

What ELOOP appreciated most about Teslas was the brand value and reputation, but also their autonomy and battery life. Yet the team at ELOOP wanted to make sure that they could provide their customers with the best driving experience possible while avoiding breaking the bank.

For the first hour, the customer can pay up to a maximum of 16€, yet it can vary depending on how long they actually use the car – the goal is always to get the best price for the customer as ELOOP is committed to providing deluxe cars at an affordable price.

This is why they strive to maintain competitive pricing so that any Vienna resident can rent a Tesla if they desire to. And in doing so, they promote the removal of privately-owned vehicles off the road to effectively lower carbon emissions. Reasonable prices combined with high-quality electric vehicles have certainly contributed to growing a loyal customer base at ELOOP!

Not only does ELOOP help Vienna residents fulfill their dreams of driving a Tesla, but it is also pioneering a new model by tokenizing their fleet with their unique ELOOP One Token (EOT) system. What does this mean for users? Essentially, cars are shared amongst a community of owners who also share the service’s revenues.

So not only do you get the joy of riding in a car with all the bells and whistles you could imagine, but the added bonus is that the shared cars generate revenues which are then divided among the token holders. So everyone can become a part of the value chain! Who thought you could rent a Tesla and profit from the revenues?

What Does the Future Hold for Carsharing and Teslas?

There certainly is no right or wrong answer regarding which model is best to add to your fleet, but in terms of adding Teslas, the advantages are clear: user base growth, increased loyalty, and ultimately, profitability.

Tesla demand has skyrocketed, and carsharing operators including Vy, Elise, and ELOOP have recognized how the world’s most popular electric vehicle can meet various use cases while meeting business goals. What’s more, the phenomenon surrounding Elon Musk’s brand is more than just a luxurious car – it’s a legitimate source of revenue and a viable solution for lowering carbon emissions.

Teslas won’t be going away anytime soon as the demand for EVs continues to rise. Operators, including many of our clients, are quickly adapting to the automotive industry’s shift to all things electric and offering Tesla carsharing. And as Teslas become more prevalent in cities across the world, they have also proven to positively impact the growth and customer satisfaction of carsharing services. The question is no longer, “will electric vehicles become the norm” but rather “just how soon”.

But wait, there’s more!

Want to know how you can add Teslas (or other types of electric vehicles) to your shared mobility services to help your business grow? Send us a message!

Vulog, the world’s leading mobility tech provider, is proud to power Vy, Elise, and ELOOP.

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