Behind the Scenes of Vulog’s Most Influential Women in Mobility report

Wondering where this annual list came from and how its illustrious members are chosen? Read on to learn more!




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Vulog has just released its 5th edition of the Most Influential Women in Mobility. What are the origins of this report, how are the laureates selected and how can you nominate a candidate for the next edition? We reveal all in this behind-the-scenes look. 

The Inspiration behind the Most Influential Women in Mobility 

Since 2019, Vulog has selected between 15 and 20 women each year as part of its Most Influential Women in Mobility report. According to Vulog’s CMO, Alexandra Lougovy, the report originated out of the company’s own underlying tenets:

We started this project out of the belief that it is essential to encourage and promote gender equality in our industry. We recognize that highly qualified and skilled professionals from different backgrounds are essential to driving innovation and shaping the future of mobility. Our commitment to celebrating women’s achievements and supporting gender parity is a reflection of our core values and dedication to creating a more diverse, inclusive, and innovative industry.” 

As women still unfortunately only make up 17% of the workforce in the transportation sector, this report remains as pertinent as ever. 

How are the nominees selected? 

There is a  public and internal open nomination period of five to six weeks at the end of the year. During this time, anyone can submit the name of someone they feel has made a significant impact on both mobility and the industry as a whole. We see nominations come in from across the globe and it can be difficult to choose from among the diverse and talented pool of candidates. 

What does the selection process look like? 

Our internal jury looks at each and every candidate. In addition to striving to choose women from different backgrounds and nationalities, there are a few guiding questions that help the jury make its selection: 

  • Does the candidate work towards improving mobility, whether that means making it greener, more accessible, and/or more innovative?
  • Does the candidate have an inspiring vision for the future of mobility? 
  • Has the candidate demonstrated leadership in the mobility industry? 
  • Has the candidate organized networks or associations related to mobility, participated in mentorship programs, or is on the board of a mobility company?
  • Has the candidate been recognized with transportation/mobility-related awards and accolades or has authored interesting articles, studies, or books on the topic? 
What can you expect from the 2023 edition of the Most Influential Women in Mobility? 

This year’s 20 laureates have a collective 165 years of experience in the mobility industry between them. You’ll read inspiring profiles of women who have climbed the ranks of the automotive industry, striving to make it greener and more inclusive along the way. Of women who are uniting the public and private sectors to ensure everyone has access to sustainable and convenient mobility options. Of women who are leading some of the most innovative mobility initiatives or companies in the world and so much more.

Get ready to be inspired! Download the Most Influential Women in Mobility 2023 report today! 

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