Leverage carsharing to facilitate employee mobility

Our platform includes the operations management system, end-user app, and IoT you need to maximize the benefits of your corporate fleet.

Automate maintenance tasks to optimize logistics, and extend to private use to reduce operational costs. By leveraging analytics and data you’ll be able to size your fleet optimally.

Provide a keyless experience and smooth booking process to maximize employee adoption. You will always be able to locate your vehicles and identify the drivers with real-time data collection and monitoring.

Reduce the environmental impact of your corporate fleet by improving its management and facilitating its electrification. Offer an innovative way to enable all your employees to move and go multimodal, adding bikes, mopeds, scooters, and more to cover all needs and use cases.

Gain complete control over your company’s mobility ecosystem

Corporate Sustainability Stories

Companies taking the lead in driving change toward sustainable mobility

In our series “Corporate Sustainability Stories” we share sustainable mobility initiatives led by influential corporate players in their effort to contribute to a healthier, greener planet.

Read our latest interviews with insights as to why sustainable mobility is key to future-proofing business and embedding innovation.

Transform your company’s mobility ecosystem with the top shared mobility experts by your side


Customer Success & Support

Our project team has an excellent track record and our technical support is rated 4.8/5 by our clients.

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Partnership Ecosystem

Unlock an unparalleled partnership network to complement and boost your service.

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Consulting Services

Data-fueled business intelligence and mobility consulting from the mobility experts.

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The Technology Behind

Meet AiMA, Vulog's intelligent mobility platform that allows you to enhance the user experience, optimize your operations, connect with any IoT and integrate with any third party.

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