Make your rental service go digital with Vulog

Our platform equips you with the tools and insights you need to transform your rental service. Leverage our tech to deliver the future of travel.

Offer a fully-digital, simplified, and hassle-free user experience. Why wait in line when your users can register, select, book, and unlock the vehicle, through their smartphones within minutes.

Real-time data collection and geolocalization combined with the ability to control and secure your fleet remotely ensures the highest level of safety, optimizes insurance costs, and grants peace of mind.

Take a strategic shift: capture shorter trips and explore new booking channels. By addressing city trips for a shorter time and making your fleet available on P2P platforms, you can adapt your business to more travel patterns.

A word from Cabana

Our tech-enabled platform provides a modern travel option that the RV rental industry hasn’t really offered before. After an extensive review of the existing shared mobility technology providers, we were happy to select Vulog as our partner for this adventure to provide the power behind our customer-facing application via its white label technology.
Scott Kubly

Founder and CEO

Current Vehicles, a Bermuda-based electric car rental service powered by Vulog

Our mission is to provide you with the safest, greenest and most unique way to explore Bermuda, all at a great price!

Our platform provides a modern rental option like you've never seen before

Whether you are launching your rental service, looking for a set of tools to optimize your day-to-day operations, expanding your service to address new markets, or all of the above, our platform supports your business at every phase of its digital transformation.

Transform your rental business with the top shared mobility experts by your side


Customer Success & Support

Our project team has an excellent track record and our technical support is rated 4.8/5 by our clients.

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Partnership Ecosystem

Unlock an unparalleled partnership network to complement and boost your service.

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Consulting Services

Data-fueled business intelligence and mobility consulting from the mobility experts.

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The Technology Behind

Meet AiMA, Vulog's intelligent mobility platform that allows you to enhance the user experience, optimize your operations, connect with any IoT and integrate with any third party.

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